A fourth of the US population lives within a mile of a 7-Eleven convenience store. This provided a significant opportunity to reach a large audience and therefore the 7-Eleven television network was created and implemented. This network is one of the largest, digital, out-of-home screen technology deployments in the United States. It is a high impact, dynamic platform distributed via two large format HD displays in each store. Customers’ attention is captured via full motion video, animation, and sound used to simultaneously display advertisements as well as current weather, time, and real-time news. The 7-Eleven network reaches over 22.9 million commercial viewers weekly.

To implement this network, USSI Global developed an aggressive master schedule for the 4,170 installations in 31 states and 1 territory, over a 2-year period. There were as many as 600 installations per month. USSI Global’s procurement organization negotiated and established vendor relationships, and placed purchase orders for the necessary installation hardware. USSI Global managed the kitting operations of these parts and provided a comprehensive supply chain and logistics operation for the installations.

Centralized ship-to locations were established in each of the 45 Designated Marketing Areas (DMA). These served as the inventory and supply base for the selected markets. After parts were shipped to site, electricians modified in-store circuits, teams of two or more technicians hung the ceiling mounted displays, and independent quality assurance inspectors reviewed each installation to insure all work was done to specification.

USSI Global’s NOC is equipped with highly trained engineers that troubleshoot service issues remotely. If unable to resolve it, they will dispatch a technician local to the 7-Eleven store to resolve the issue. A USSI Global 7-Eleven Program Manager oversees all aspects of the 7-Eleven television network and has a well-defined escalation path should it become necessary.

The 7-Eleven television network operates 24x7x365. This network has proven to be a valuable investment and platform for supporting targeted and national ad campaigns that has resulted in a significant sales and revenue increase for 7-Eleven. USSI Global’s multiple strengths; planning, methodical preparation, equipment staging and kitting, on-line collaboration tools, as well as hands-on project management, exemplify the value and success USSI Global provides.