Cinema Scene Marketing is the industry leader for in-theatre digital signage. They provide promotional marketing and media solutions to cinema clients via concessions packaging, digital signage and marketing services. Their industry leading solutions can be found in most of the top cinema locations in North America.

Wanting to redefine and enhance the moviegoer experience and offer innovative ways to display vivid images for upcoming movies, Cinema Scene collaborated with Arclight Cinemas to reinvent the “ArcLight StoryWall.” It is a high definition video wall comprised of ninety-six individual displays synchronized to create amazing large-scale digital imagery of Hollywood movies. The structure is approximately fifteen thousand pounds which spans fifty foot wide by approximately fifteen feet tall.

Leveraging its 8+ years of partnership, Cinema Scene would only entrust USSI Global to install the largest digital lobby display in the domestic cinema industry. Once the preparatory work was complete, USSI Global mounted the metal framing for the video wall and (26) two hundred and fifty pound metal rails to support the (96) displays. The critical component of the project’s success was leveling the wall so that all ninety six displays were perfectly aligned with each other. Each rail had to be precisely leveled and methodically connected to each other in order to be flush and appear as one, very large, seamless screen. Once this metal wall was completed, USSI Global installed the ninety six screen mounts to these rails. After the power rails, which provide power to the screens and electronics, and all the electronics and wiring for all the screens were completed, USSI Global installed the ninety six screens to the mounts. The final step was to install cladding on all the screen edges, which provides a polished, trimmed edge around all of the displays. USSI accomplished all of this in only one and a half weeks.

This Arclight StoryWall not only improves upon current technology, but also creates the industry’s first high tech, high definition “StoryWall.” This innovative and complex video wall enables movie studios to produce multiple versions of the highest quality content and create a unique, engaging interaction with moviegoers by showcasing individual or multiple poster graphics, slide shows, and animation video and has revolutionized the movie-going experience.