Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American, multinational, technology company that designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment worldwide. It is the largest networking company in the world. Even though Cisco is primarily known for their networking products, such as routers and switches, they are one of only a few companies that design and manufacture broadcast encoding and receiving systems. In 2010, Cisco contracted USSI Global to build and integrate these systems worldwide. USSI Global is a Cisco Premier Partner and is the only company in the world to be awarded a Global Professional Services Agreement by Cisco to build these encoding systems.

USSI Global’s engineering team maintains CCNA, CCDA and CSE certified employees that work directly with Cisco’s program management team. Each job begins with design and proceeds through implementation, and averages one month in duration. Once the system design is complete, USSI Global builds the encoding racks at their Melbourne, FL facility. USSI Global’s customers then perform Field Acceptance Testing (FAT) at USSI Global.

After successful testing, the racks are disassembled and shipped to the customer’s broadcast facilities. USSI Global’s engineers travel to the customer site to receive the racks and integrate them with the customers’ systems in order to bring the broadcaster’s programming to air through the new encoding systems, resulting in new and better broadcasting technology. In addition to rack configuration, installation and integration, USSI Global also performs equipment sales, warehousing, shipping, engineering services and integrated receiver decoder (IRD) fulfillment for Cisco Media customers. By bundling all these services, USSI Global is the only Cisco partner providing total end to end media solutions.

By outsourcing their encoding system rack integration and onsite installation effort to USSI Global, Cisco has consolidated their broadcast encoding business to one media partner. USSI Global took a holistic approach to this solution which resulted in USSI Global becoming a leader in the broadcast encoding industry for Cisco’s Media Business Unit.