Samsung Electronics of America is a multinational electronics company with three main business lines; mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), consumer electronics (televisions and home appliances) and electronics components (semiconductors and display panels).

Samsung recognized that appliance shopping was confusing and overwhelming. To improve the in-store experience, Samsung designed “CenterStage”; an in-store, digital, interactive video wall that markets Samsung appliances and facilitates decision making for customers.

CenterStage provides a realistic, actual-size display of Samsung appliances. It offers multiple views of each appliance, a zoom function to see the features in greater detail, and also in-depth product details and feature explanations. This multi-media content helps the customer appreciate the products, their features and benefits, and also offers a side by side comparison tool to analyze features across appliances.

USSI Global completed all CenterStage installations. The PC towers and hardware were procured by USSI Global and shipped directly to the site, while Samsung provided the displays and the kiosk frame for each site. The USSI Global technicians completed the installations after hours to avoid disruption during the stores’ business hours. Most installations were completed in one night, between the hours of 9 p.m. and 10 a.m. USSI Global installed CenterStage in 324 large retail stores in 40 states across the United States. One kiosk was installed per site, totaling 972 displays. Of these 972 displays, 324 were an 85-inch display with an interactive panel and 648 were 46-inch displays. USSI Global maintains remote access to the PC Towers in order to register the tower on the customer’s remote server. All installations were completed in nine months and USSI Global continues to receive requests for additional site installations. USSI Global also provides rapid response maintenance for all CenterStage installations using the same highly trained field resources that successfully integrated these complex systems.

As a result of USSI Global’s CenterStage installations, Samsung appliance customers and consumers now have ready access to more – and more detailed – product information to aid in their shopping and selection process. CenterStage kiosks capture shoppers’ attention in an entertaining and easily understandable manner with their high definition video wall. By displaying multimedia content that provides clear explanations of product features and benefits, along with interactive functionality, the home appliance shopping experience has been streamlined and simplified significantly.