About USSI Global

USSI Global has provided quality and customized

network, broadcast, and digital media services

around the globe since 1985.


At that time, the stock brokerage industry was still using regular tip-and-ring phone lines to relay stock quotes. USSI Global recognized the need for faster communication. To meet this need, USSI Global put feet on the street to provide cabling and rooftop antenna installations to get communication systems up and running for companies throughout the United States.

After recognizing that competitors could fulfill only partial project needs, USSI Global began applying a holistic strategy to our work. Our focus was to be a turnkey solution for global deployment and maintenance of communication networks used to transmit video, audio, and data.

As the vision for USSI Global became clearer, we looked to relocate to an area that sought innovation, creativity, and embraced technology. We therefore moved from Chicago, IL to Melbourne, FL in 1986. Our “feet-on-the-street” mentality caught the eye of many other industries, resulting in a need for experienced service providers to install and service communication systems around the globe. USSI Global was instrumental in improving the quality of the communications industry in the United States.

USSI Global, cultivating a team of

Professional Technicians & Engineers

to propel communication forward in the United States

Global Solutions

With experienced and professional engineers and service providers in over 180 countries, USSI Global is positioned to handle your entire national or global project including engineering and R&D, procurement, survey, installation, quality assurance, logistics, and maintenance.

USSI Global has a successful history of servicing and installing

network, broadcast, digital media, VSAT antenna systems,

local and wide area networks, and point of sale systems. 


We are committed to providing consistent, seamless, integration and maintenance.  We offer all customers a tailored online portal that provides access to all details of their project and a complete history of each site.

What we service & install

USSI Global knows that our success is contingent upon our ability to deliver what our customer wants, when our customer needs it.  Your success is our success.  We consistently communicate this message to our employees and service providers maintaining a team approach to customer service that is unparalleled in the industry.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide quality and customized network, broadcast and digital media services globally. We are available 24x7x365 and ensure an outstanding customer experience every time. We provide our customer with the necessary tools to get the job done right, on time, the first time.

USSI Global is:

  • A business partner focused and dedicated to our customers’ success.
  • A scalable solution for both large and small business.
  • Able to accomplish every facet of your project from inception to completion.
  • A problem solver offering solutions where there were questions.

Case Studies

From around the globe


The most trusted providers of communication services, USSI Global has partnered with some of the world’s top businesses to create improved and cost-effective communication with customers.

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