Content Delivery & Monitoring

USSI Global provides an integrated and complete satellite solution that supports video (SD/HD), data, and voice communications on the same network. The network HUB, located in Melbourne, FL, is managed 24x7x365 by highly trained and skilled operators, resulting in around the clock technical support.

From content management, origination, and satellite transmission, to field maintenance dispatches, our industry leading resources provide a unique one-stop shop for the distribution and management of your network.

USSI Global provides higher throughputs with inbound carriers over 6 Mbps and outbound throughput of over 135 Mbps. VSATs supporting higher bandwidth and higher packets per second are available and ensure that future requirements are supported. Our solutions are scalable. In other words, networks with initial outbound carriers as small as 256 Ksps can grow as your network’s bandwidth requirements grow.