Avoid Automated Services Issues with USSI Global

“I think you said you’d like to speak to an agent. Is that right?”

Those are two of the scariest sentences in the modern age. We all know by the time you hear them, you’ve been on a phone call with customer service for some time. Most likely, you’ve been arguing with an automated attendant, one that can’t actually solve your problem. Now, it’s going to transfer you to a live agent, assuming you can provide “just a bit more information.” And finally, you’ll undoubtedly be told by another automated attendant that the company has longer-than-usual wait times.

At USSI Global, this doesn’t pass for customer service. Our 24/7 call center in Melbourne, FL, is always open and always ready to help you and your customers.

As staffing needs become more difficult to fill, other companies are only going to increase their reliance on automated answering systems. Not USSI Global – we don’t send you into a never-ending abyss of automated menus. When you call, we answer.

You’ll talk to a member of our team, and they won’t send you into a vacuum of automated menus. That means no time wasted on hold or talking to computers. Our live agents pick up the phone and are trained to help, not put you on hold.

Our subject matter experts in our Network Operations Center (NOC) can handle broadcast, network, and digital signage outages. From installation issues to transmission support, we handle it all. USSI Global offers three tiers of live support that match the complexities of your issues. The first level offers basic troubleshooting. The next level connects you someone with higher knowledge of the product and/or software, who can remote into your system and walk you through firmware upgrades or a new system setup. Tier 3 includes engineer-level triaging and troubleshooting.

Why call USSI Global? Our dedication to service is why top broadcasters and manufacturers rely on our seamless, customer-centric solutions to mitigate their obstacles. Need a repair? Our trained experts can resolve many problems quickly over the phone, including warranty service and out-of-warranty issues. We can also troubleshoot technical issues and even help you decide if a repair is worth the expense. Plus, if you need to order parts, USSI Global makes it easy with our comprehensive shipping and receiving system, complete with serial number tracking.

Don’t settle for customer service that doesn’t prioritize the customer. Trust USSI Global to pick up the phone and solve your problem.