Case study


Customer Challenge

To help meet the U.S. Federal Communications Commission’s objective to quickly roll out 5G services across the United States, SES, the leader in global content connectivity solutions, was required to relocate all of its existing services that are received by Incumbent Earth Stations (IES) out of the 3700-3820 MHz band. The FCC’s ambitious Phase 1 accelerated deadline was Dec. 5, 2021.

USSI Global Solution

SES had established a goal of clearing more than 700 Phase 1 sites by Aug. 31, 2021. USSI Global helped meet that goal by supporting approximately 600 Phase 1 IES site transitions.


  • SES successfully completed all Phase I accelerated C-band clearing and relocation activities
  • The project was conducted during the apex of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • USSI Global served as the lead project management firm
  • As the primary vendor, USSI Global managed and executed the transition of IES filtering to mitigate the risk of 5G interference
  • USSI Global handled outreach, IT systems integration, field support management, and status reports
  • The initial outreach phase required intensive research to gather site-specific details of IES sites

Collaborative Solution

With the knowledge gained from the initial outreach, USSI Global field technicians later provided turnkey systems design, procurement, installation and commissioning of 5G filters and antennas, among other key components. As a result, SES’s Phase 1 certification was validated by the FCC on Nov. 24, 2021, which ensured the company was eligible for the first accelerated relocation payment. As of March 2022, USSI Global has already supported the clearing of more than 100 Phase II sites, and will continue to support SES through the remainder of its Phase II clearing and transition activities.