Case study

Samsung Fast Track Service

Customer Challenge

Samsung digital displays are installed in public spaces everywhere, and keeping up with repairs is a daunting challenge. Samsung required a partner that could store, repair, and ship displays on an accelerated timeline for its customers.

USSI Global Solution

USSI’s Fast Track White Glove service removes the burden of de-installing, shipping, and returning defective displays to circulation, and accelerates customer request fulfillment.


  • 25,000 square foot dedicated warehouse for Samsung inventory and repair operations
  • Customized online portal for customer repair and replace requests
  • USSI technicians remove, ship and replace defective displays within 24 hours
  • Dedicated USSI technicians fully trained and focused on Samsung repair tickets
  • Repairs cover main power boards, glass panels, sealed outdoor displays and more
  • USSI Fast Track White Glove service offers single point of contact, versus multiple departments
  • Repaired displays quickly returned to “buffer stock” for circulation to Samsung customers
  • Multiple carriers leaving USSI warehouse ensure quick shipments to customer sites
  • Service tickets fully reconciled within 15 days, halving Samsung’s previous timeline

Collaborative Solution

USSI’s focused customer service strategy has ensured that all SLAs are met or exceeded for Samsung, with next-day service levels in the 90th percentile.