Broadcast & Network Solutions

USSI Global provides end-to-end service in support of content distribution, managing workflows, and maintaining the systems that deliver your programming.

For more than 35 years...

... USSI Global has been helping broadcasters and cable and satellite networks deliver programming to viewers around the world. From building facilities to hosting your content distribution needs, from encoding your signals to managing the uplink/downlink process, reliable transmission starts with our engineering expertise and technical support resources.


Network Facilities

When it’s time to build or upgrade your satellite network facility, trust USSI Global to deliver a comprehensive, customized solution tailored to your needs and budget. We do it all – site surveys, FCC license preparation, system design with drawings and documentation, and, of course, all the RF systems, mechanical, and infrastructure engineering. Our services also include IP video infrastructure integration, virtualized media solutions, and channel playout and distribution.

C-Band Interference Mitigation

Satellite operators are facing an accelerated timeline to clear the lower 300 MHz of the C-band for 5G services. With some deadlines as early as December 2021, these new FCC rules will have a major impact on broadcast and cable networks. From national networks to station groups and even independent stations, USSI Global can simplify your transition by building new encoder systems, installing new antennas, installing filters, and upgrading your existing facilities.

Ground Station Services

Whether you manage a single decoder at a cable headend or a broadcast network hub serving dozens of channels, USSI Global is your point-to-multipoint solutions provider. We own and operate more than 50 sites that offer satellite content hosting and monitoring services. Deployed across North and South America and Europe, each of our ground stations is equipped to collect your data streams for instant global distribution via Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. Our ground station services also offer interference testing.

Technical Support

Downtime means lost dollars. With a service level agreement (SLA) from USSI Global, you have a guaranteed response time to minimize disruption. Our scalable solutions support single stations, station groups, or larger networks. While our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) can diagnose and resolve many issues remotely, our technician teams and other resources are strategically placed around the world for rapid in-person response.

Repair Logistics

Got a problem? USSI Global may know it before you do. Our proactive monitoring can anticipate problems before they affect your content distribution, and can automatically open a service call in our system. We manage equipment inventories for more than 15,000 cable headends, as well as major broadcast networks, and our custom software makes it easier to recognize equipment trends and analysis. In fact, our comprehensive database tracks the life cycle of every part. Trust our state-of-the-art repair facility in Melbourne, FL, for warranty-level repair agreements with hassle-free shipment tracking.

Broadcast and Network Case study

C-Band Transition

One of the largest TV broadcasters in the United States required a partner to modernize its satellite network for a changing operational environment related to the FCC’s C-Band spectrum transition. In addition to navigating this national broadcaster through complex spectrum reallocations within the C-Band’s 500 MHz bandwidth frequency, a full-service expert was needed to inspect, upgrade and maintain its satellite facilities – all over a three-year period.

USSI Global’s turnkey project management strategy will clear the client’s portion of the C-Band spectrum for 5G mobile services as mandated by the FCC. With 300 MHz of the total 500 MHz targeted for 5G, all broadcasters operating within the C-Band must transition to the remaining 200MHz. Our large team of RF field engineers and support staff will ensure a consistent level of service across all technical renovations, managed services, and call center support.

USSI Global’s full suite of services and solutions will help the client meet the FCC’s C-Band transition deadline of December 2023, with all phases to be completed by August 2023. The broadcaster’s satellite contribution and distribution services will continue uninterrupted while moving to a modernized, high-efficiency network infrastructure with reduced operating costs.