Case study

Dynamic Drive-Thru Experiences

Customer Challenge

A household-name QSR with a presence in more than 30 countries sought to modernize the drive-thru experience for customers at all US locations. The plan emphasized a transition from static signs to digital menu boards to improve visual presentation, enable dynamic menus and content rotation, and accelerate the customer journey from orders through payment. USSI Global was among the few qualified companies with the appropriate experience and business structure to project-manage a turnkey installation plan with challenging, overlapping timelines at restaurants across every state.

USSI Global Solution

USSI Global was trusted to balance the complex delivery and installation logistics for drive-thru digital menu boards at approximately 2000 restaurants, with the customer expanding USSI Global’s responsibilities to another 700 locations several months into the project. USSI Global developed a strategic logistical plan that aligned with the customer’s deployment schedule, shipping equipment to more than 350 stocking locations to expedite deliveries. USSI Global assembled a large team of field technicians to accommodate site surveys where necessary, remove existing static boards, and re-use or replace structural foundations to house new dynamic digital menu boards.


  • Comprehensive site surveys at all required locations to determine installation needs
  • Manage franchisee expectations for digital menu board designs, installation timelines
  • Pick up digital menu boards from manufacturer, warehouse in a USSI Global stocking location, and ensure on-time delivery
  • Secure construction permits with local municipalities that adhere to local ordinances
  • Provide corporate with two weeks-notice for surveys, installation services at each site
  • Coordinate all crane lifts and electrical/network contractors for pre-installation services
  • Ensure proper sightlines for customers based on height, distance and display brightness
  • Large fleet of technicians to manage overlapping installation timelines across many sites
  • Immediate dispatching of service teams when system updates or repairs are required

Collaborative Solution

USSI Global’s comprehensive project management will ensure clean execution of all services and timelines through 2024. With more than 1000 sites already completed, customers are now discovering a more pleasant ordering experience at this beloved QSR brand. The QSR has also reaped benefits by closing the gap between the time that customers place and receive orders, establishing a foundation to generate more revenue for their business. The transition will ultimately improve legibility of menu items, opportunities for suggestive selling, and overall customer service at all US locations.