Case study

C-Band Transition

Customer Challenge

One of the largest TV broadcasters in the United States required a partner to modernize its satellite network for a changing operational environment related to the FCC’s C-Band spectrum transition. In addition to navigating this national broadcaster through complex spectrum reallocations within the C-Band’s 500 MHz bandwidth frequency, a full-service expert was needed to inspect, upgrade and maintain its satellite facilities – all over a three-year period.

USSI Global Solution

USSI Global’s turnkey project management strategy will clear the client’s portion of the C-Band spectrum for 5G mobile services as mandated by the FCC. With 300 MHz of the total 500 MHz targeted for 5G, all broadcasters operating within the C-Band must transition to the remaining 200MHz. Our large team of RF field engineers and support staff will ensure a consistent level of service across all technical renovations.


  • Retune and repoint approximately 500 satellite systems in compliance with the C-Band transition
  • Provide full inspection of up to 100 satellite facilities to optimize technical infrastructure
  • Modernization of satellite dishes, filters, IRDs, antennas and other key components
  • Dedicated team of experienced RF field engineers to guide end user technicians through system transformations
  • Managed services plan will remove burden of operating, monitoring and maintaining satellite network
  • USSI Global’s dedicated 24/7/365 call center will provide immediate response for troubleshooting and repairs

Collaborative Solution

USSI Global’s full suite of services and solutions will help the client meet the FCC’s C-Band transition deadline of December 2023, with all phases to be completed by August 2023. The broadcaster’s satellite contribution and distribution services will continue uninterrupted while moving to a modernized, high-efficiency network infrastructure with reduced operating costs.