Case study

Revenue Thru Service

Customer Challenge

One of the world’s largest coffeehouse chains sought to accelerate repairs and upgrades for its outdoor digital confirmation boards across thousands of US locations. The company needed a turnkey service partner that could streamline all onsite technical support processes and related service costs for its drive-thru ordering systems.

USSI Global Solution

USSI Global developed an expedited crash kit program for each participating location, with customized AV kits for the outdoor digital confirmation boards. Crash kits are quick-shipped to each store upon request, with all necessary audio and video components included. USSI Global representatives provide local technicians with remote support to quickly complete repairs and upgrades with precision.


  • USSI Global reduces shipping costs and expedites delivery times for crash kits
  • Purpose-built kits service all AV needs by project, including video cameras and intercom systems
  • Local technicians support all repairs and upgrades to minimize project costs
  • Remote installation and troubleshooting support maintains consistency
  • Crash kits immediately return to circulation, after inspection and testing, to support high volume of service tickets
  • Fast turnaround keeps drive-thru lanes in consistent operation at each participating store

Collaborative Solution

USSI Global’s strategic service-oriented program assures that the outdoor digital confirmation boards remain operational and up to date, which ensures consistent customer satisfaction and revenue generation. USSI Global’s customized approach to each support ticket means that crash kits are shipped within appropriate time windows and with the exact AV components, while securing the right local talent for each job.