Case study

Interactive Experiences in the Big Apple

Customer Challenge

The Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan welcomes more than 65 million passengers annually, cementing its status as the world’s busiest bus terminal. The terminal’s existing informational kiosks, which passengers use for wayfinding and local information, had fallen into disrepair after 15 years of continuous service. The client was seeking modern, interactive kiosks that could offer a responsive touchscreen experience with richer data and dynamic content.

USSI Global Solution

Global Display Solutions (GDS) contracted USSI Global to rebuild the kiosks, including the integration of 55-inch GDS Midas displays that would support modern wayfinding and navigational features. USSI Global performed integration and commissioning services, resulting in compact kiosk structures with bright displays that are inviting to passengers and simple to navigate.


  • USSI Global’s precise installation plan minimized passenger impact inside the terminal
  • Removed old kiosks and fortified mounting structures before installing new kiosks
  • Reduced kiosk footprint with new structural designs that were 25 percent smaller
  • Updated power and network connections, including all wiring, routers and electronics
  • Improved touchscreen visibility with minimal reflection provides clearer communication of COVID protocols, including safety and mask guidelines
  • Careful integration services help to protect against pollutants, such as dust and air ingress
  • Passengers can receive maps, bus routes and local information directly on their mobile devices thanks to integration of routing and networking equipment
  • Digital signage software can support future out-of-home advertising campaigns

Collaborative Solution

USSI Global’s comprehensive project management plan ensured clean execution of these challenging upgrades within a two month-period. Passengers moving through the terminal now have immediate access to guided maps, rich directories, and important safety and security alerts that enhance in-terminal wayfinding and the New York City visitor hospitality experience.