These days, our lives revolve around technology. It makes everything easier in our fast paced and busy days. Technology is a luxury that allows us to get more done throughout our day and it is constantly being updated in order to better serve us. We rely on it to tell us directions, keep us updated on the news of the world, and even to order our food, fast.

Fast food is not what it used to be, thanks to the great technological advancements in our world. Drive-thrus allow restaurants to quickly serve customers who are on the go and need their meals to keep up with their busy schedules. One of the greatest pieces of equipment that has improved the efficiency of drive-thru ordering is the digital menu board. Research has shown that ratings and reviews of restaurants are based upon the food and the overall experience equally. That means that not only does the food have to be good, the service and atmosphere have to hold their own as well. Updated technology signals customers that an establishment is actively striving to be the best that they can be.

We are long past the days of looking at a large piece of plastic with food items printed onto it and speaking into a box, hoping that the bag we are handed at the window has the correct items inside. The menus we see now when we pull up to a drive-thru have the ability to be edited at any second, and can change to show different menu options throughout the day.

Manually swapping out the breakfast menu for the lunch menu is a thing of the past. And hoping that the person taking your order heard you say “no cheese” is no longer an issue because the box you speak into also displays your order with specific detail. We live in a world with endless customization available for almost everything in our lives. When customers know they are getting exactly what they want and see the words pop up on the screen, they know they are being heard and their message was received. 

The adjustability and ease of editing the digital menus allows businesses to feature specific menu items each day and increase the sale of that item. Images speak louder than words and customers have been known to add a spur of the moment addition to their order if a picture catches their eye. Digital menus allow pictures to be swapped out as often as desired to continually catch eyes and improve business each day.

Customers enjoy reading a clear menu that is easy to understand. Seeing state of the art technology being used efficiently raises customer satisfaction and increases the chances of return business. When orders are placed quickly and correctly, customers remember the experience as a positive one, and typically take the technology even further and place reviews online.

USSI Global provides digital signage systems that include the installation service as well as the network service. The great thing about the digitality of the signs is that they can be changed and altered at any second. Things like inventory levels and pricing can be edited daily to keep customers up to date and clear on their purchase options. The digital signs can even display the local weather and marketing space for advertisers.

A digital menu board investment could very possibly be the greatest return on investment that a business makes. Simpler is better, and creating a visual image that customers are attracted to and can easily read will increase return and create an increase in sales. Studies have shown that restaurants equipped with indoor and outdoor digital signage saw a 5 to 8 percent increase in revenue.

In an age where technology is at the heart of all product and service competition, simple things like the menu are no longer the simple things. State of the art digital menu boards are a small adjustment that can make a huge difference in customer experience resulting in stronger sales. USSI Global has the ability to provide you with the technological advancements that your business needs, and also provide any needed service. The field force that is responsible for the installation and maintenance of digital signage is equipped with the most current knowledge and skill to deliver unprecedented service.