C-Band Mitigation Interference Service Helps Smaller Stations Navigate Transition

With the upcoming C-Band Transition, the FCC is clearing the lower 300MHz of the C-Band to make room for 5G services. This legislation doesn’t just impact “big” broadcasters. Smaller stations and other organizations that rely on C-Band satellite networks for content contribution and distribution need to transition by 2025 as well, or they will no longer be able to receive content via C-Band.

Many major broadcast networks, cable networks, broadcast station groups, and satellite networks have already chosen our C-Band Mitigation Interference service to manage their transition efforts. However, our service is also available for smaller operations with limited resources, including independent stations, cable headends, universities, government agencies, and public utility companies.

This transition is a complicated process, and many smaller broadcasters don’t have the in-person expertise to handle the upgrades. We offer customized solutions for transitioning to a different part of the C-Band spectrum, converting to Ku-Band satellite for content contribution and distribution, or adopting an IP-based streaming workflow. Through our C-Band Mitigation Interference service, we can manage the entire project, from site inspection to equipment installation and commissioning.

Antenna issues, in particular, are central to the C-Band Transition. Some antennas will have to be moved or replaced, and new compression systems will need to be installed to allow transmission in the remaining C-Band spectrum. Filtering will also be required to eliminate interference and permanently vacate the lower 300MHz. In addition, C-Band users will require new receiving equipment. We can help with the entire process, including identifying the types of antennas to install and what specific filtering is needed for the transition.

To support the 5G migration, we have added significant resources, from field engineers to warehousing and call center support personnel. Each transition project is assigned a dedicated team, and clients receive access to a dedicated call center for immediate troubleshooting. Contact us at 800-444-8774 to learn how our C-Band Mitigation Interference service can make your transition affordable and efficient.