Digital Menu Boards: The Basics

Let’s be honest: 12 seconds doesn’t seem like a lot of time. But according to the 2020 SeeLevel HX Annual Drive-Thru Study, which studied 10 major brands, the use of digital menu boards shaved just over 12 seconds of service time for quick service restaurants (QSRs).

That time savings – calculated with an average meal cost estimate of $6.83 and assuming drive-thrus stay busy all day – results in almost $28,000 in potential savings per year per store. Expand that to 1,000 locations and you’re looking at almost $28 million in savings. Suddenly, 12 seconds doesn’t seem so small.

Digital menu boards are not a fad – and as more restaurants adopt them, many would agree they are not a luxury. Instead, they can be an important asset for restaurants. Beyond saving time in the drive-thru, digital menu board content can be changed across all or select locations over your network simultaneously. That means no more manually changing products or prices, which can improve order accuracy. It also means consistency across multiple stores or specified price adjustments for certain locations.

Content management doesn’t end with pricing. With digital menu boards, you can add up-sale messaging. Why not promote fancy coffee drinks during the breakfast rush, then switch to tempting desserts for the lunch crowd? You can highlight limited time offers (LTOs) or combo meals. You can even dedicate part of your display to digital ads for nearby retailers, creating an additional revenue stream.

Vintage menu boards may be nostalgic, but they cannot compete with the flexibility of digital menu boards. Are you ready to provide your diners with faster service, improved order accuracy, and a more visually appealing ordering experience? Let USSI Global be your turnkey digital menu board solution provider. Contact us today at