EV Charging Stations Offer Electrifying Content and Revenue Opportunities

Electric car sales are on the rise. In 2020, the global auto industry reported a 43 percent increase in electric car sales, which has sparked greater interest in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. These days, you can spot EV charging stations at airports, grocery stores, retail establishments, hotels, and other high-traffic business locations. And with experts predicting 50 percent of new cars will be electric by 2030, the number of charging stations is only going to increase.

Why invest in an EV charging station (or more than one)? The most obvious reason is to attract customers to your business. Apps like PlugShare help drivers find EV charging stations, provide navigation and trip planners, and even allow users to rate locations. That means an EV charging station quite literally puts you on the map. Why wouldn’t you want your business to be a destination for hundreds of thousands of drivers (read: potential customers)?

Investing in EV charging stations now also provides your business with a competitive advantage. It shows your company is forward thinking and cares about the environment, both of which can attract customers. It can also increase dwell times for customers as they wait for their car to charge, which can lead to more sales. Plus, it’s a nice perk for employees who have already made the move to electric vehicles.

For enterprising owners, EV charging stations can be a source of advertising revenue. Granted, not every EV charging station is designed to dazzle; there are plenty of basic stations that are little more than a pole and a giant plug. But dynamic digital systems provide the opportunity for a quick ROI, an ongoing revenue stream, and an outlet for promoting your own products, services, and specials.

Ready to make the jump to clean energy with marketable benefits? USSI Global provides turnkey project management for EV charging stations. We can plan and deploy charging station networks of any size. From permits to site construction, from commissioning to post-install support, our full-service approach includes everything. Plus, our partnership with AdMobilize provides audience analytics that can help your business with decisions about screen placement, ad effectiveness, and more.

To learn more about USSI Global’s EV charging station options, email us at [email protected].