Go Curbside with Your Digital Signage

The possibilities for digital signage feel endless. Businesses continue to find new and interesting ways to leverage this flexible platform to communicate messages to their staff and customers. Curbside pickup represents one intriguing consumer-facing digital signage application on the rise – and it is one that we are especially excited about here at USSI Global.

Curbside pickup was established to help businesses safely serve their customers in trying times. It wasn’t long before retailers and eateries recognized how viable of a business model it is. Lifestyles have changed, and businesses are consistently challenged with finding efficient ways to serve customers with busy schedules. As more businesses make curbside pickup permanent, it makes sense that they are turning to digital signage to deliver important information to customers.

Why use digital signage for curbside pickup? As with most applications, digital signage offers clarity and a live current platform that print media just cannot offer. And when it comes to curbside pickup, handwritten signage simply doesn’t cut it. Curbside customers need clear, legible messaging with up-to-date instructions and policies. And for the customers that want to drive in and order on the spot, kiosk ordering must be user-friendly and quick to learn.

At USSI Global, our turnkey project management approach is ideal for helping retailers and restaurants invest in the right technology for their curbside pickup strategies. Our full-service approach goes beyond getting you the right equipment; we cover everything from permits and site construction, installation and commissioning, and post-install service and support. We also offer a complete monitoring service with technical agents that understand how to manage and troubleshoot digital signage networks of any scale.

Learn more about our digital signage services here, and get a leg up on your local competition when it comes to modern customer service.