Installers Enjoy Diverse Projects with USSI Global

There’s nothing routine about being a USSI Global service technician. Two of our installers shared some details about recent projects that incorporate some impressive technologies … and a lot of ingenuity.

Kendrick Randolph, communications warehouse manager, is a 19-year USSI Global veteran who is still enlisted for special projects. Recently, he was part of the team that refreshed video walls for a group of retail stores across the country. The projects would be completed at night, when the stores were closed, and would involve removing existing panels and replacing them with new, 46-inch panels.

There can be more than 40 screens per wall, often with a larger screen in the middle. Most video walls are installed in quads, meaning four screens are grouped together to create one larger 16:9 display. Each quad is then controlled through a media player, so the video wall can show a variety of content. Randolph said USSI Global also color calibrates all the screens to create a uniform appearance across the entire video wall.

Jae Moore, technical liaison, has worked extensively with next-level large format display (LFD) video wall installations across the country since joining the company more than a year ago. LFD technology is often selected for advertising and digital signage applications for large franchises, retail companies, airports, and stadiums. However, the displays can also be used for presentations in conference rooms.

“I love technology, and USSI is on the cutting edge,” Randolph said. “This is a fun place to work. It’s exciting and challenging.”

“You’re never bored,” added Moore. “It’s very interesting work – and there’s always work to be done. It’s a privilege to be working for USSI.”

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