For over 30 years, USSI Global has been providing installation, field maintenance, and system integration services for projects in a variety of technology markets including, but not limited to, commercial television and digital media, commercial networking and WiFi, VSAT, and commercial laptop repair.  With over 300 service locations throughout the United States, others in Canada, Mexico, U.K., the Caribbean Islands, and 140 other countries, USSI Global continues to be well positioned to handle national and global requirements.

The USSI Global Technician Contractor team spreads wide and far with over 300 technicians currently on our roster, however we are always looking for new talent.  Whether you specialize in one, or all, of our core service specialties (VSAT, Digital Signage, Networking/WiFi, Commercial Flat Panel Televisions, & Commercial Laptops) we would be excited to discuss the opportunity further with you.  

Currently, we are looking for Technician Contractors to provide installation, field maintenance, and/or system integration services in all major metropolitan cities throughout the US. The technician contractors we are seeking are skilled professionals who are interested in teaming up with USSI Global as independent contractors.

The services that USSI Global Technician Contractors offer are needed in almost every metropolitan area across the United States, so please contact us if you are interested in discussing the positions further. This month’s hot spots include:

Digital Signage:  Central California & New England

VSAT:  Houston, TX & Oklahoma City, OK

Networking/WiFi:  Seattle, WA & Charleston, SC

Laptop Repair:  Dallas, TX & Boston, MA

Because USSI Global has locations in 180 countries, offering Broadcast & Media, Content Delivery & Monitoring, Customer Support, Digital Media, Electronic Repair, and VSAT services in all 180, growth is inevitable. Team members across the country and around the world are working hard to create and execute brilliant global technology solutions and are eager to expand the team to include the latest additions in their efforts.

Some of the advantages of becoming a Technician Contractor with USSI include working on unique projects, expanding your knowledge of the latest communication technologies, and gaining quality experience with a world-class company. USSI has had the privilege of collaborating directly with some of the largest and most impressive technology companies to build and integrate various broadcast encoding and receiving systems.

The high profile and valuable projects USSI Global is involved with are not only opportunities for USSI Global to grow as a company. The Contractor Technicians who are involved in their specialized fields are able to gain experience with leading experts from companies such as Cisco Systems, Inc., Samsung Centerstage, and 7-Eleven. Working with leading technology companies on the newest projects gives Contractor Technicians invaluable experience that USSI Global is delighted to be able to provide.

Technology is the future and USSI is proud to be one of the forerunners in the network, broadcast, and digital media services. Companies worldwide rely on USSI Global to deliver the quickest and highest quality communication networks, which means sending top-notch Contractor Technicians to deliver excellent service and expertise. The USSI Global team of professional Contractor Technicians and Engineers are known world wide as leaders of technological innovation and continue to break barriers in the industry.

USSI Global has been endorsed for Team Leadership, Team Management, Project Management, and Technical Support as a result of the excellent commitment to the services and company that the Contractor Technicians have demonstrated time and time again. Whether it be troubleshooting, system installation, or project development, the Contractor Technician position is vital to the foundation of USSI Global. All USSI Global Contractor Technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable in regards to all system functions, service needs, and network operations.

Joining our team of Contractor Technicians is streamlined through an easy application process found on our website.  USSI Global Contractor Technicians receive competitive pay and flexible schedules and enjoy access to free online training, access to USSI Global’s 24/7 Technical Support assistance as well as the USSI Global Virtual Office and Tech Mobile App, and a twice a month pay-cycle. Click here to learn more and join the team.