On any given day, satellite broadcast networks need a number of adjustments to maintain the quality of their output. USSI Global has more than 30 years of network experience in this industry and a front-row seat for the evolution of engineering for satellite networks.

Ultimate Goal

Our job is to make sure our clients keep their network up and running, no matter what. We know that our customers are always trying to optimize their transmission, and USSI Global plays an integral role in their success. Quality broadcasting ensures that all of their content can be transmitted to the appropriate stations or locations — whether they are across the street or around the world. If there is an equipment failure, human error, or a natural disaster, clients do not need excuses, they just need to get back on the air. The more reliable their network is, the fewer chances there are of interruption. Viewers know they can turn on a channel at any time of the day to get information or entertainment. Ultimately, broadcasters will benefit with higher ratings and more revenue.

Program Management

USSI Global has seen major success in implementing one program manager as the sole point of contact for each customer. This way, there is less chance of miscommunication or misinterpretations. By having one person coordinating network management, we have been able to keep operations moving without sacrificing customer service. Our support team is staffed by Field Engineers who have been thoroughly vetted and trained to work on any service issue that may arise. Our engineers are given all the tools and equipment they need before they attempt to fix a problem, as well as, a team of project engineers to serve as knowledge support if they happen to need a second opinion.

The Right Resources

It takes a dedicated and expert group of engineers to organize and manage all the moving parts of a satellite broadcast network. We have put together a Technical Operations Center that is ready for anything. From an unexpected snowstorm to an accidental network outage, we have made it possible to handle our client’s requests quickly and accurately. Because of our three decades of experience, we master practically every type of technology a network can use. We can also work with a variety of clients, from major conglomerations to smaller organizations.

USSI Specialties

When employees sit down at their desks for the day or a person flips on their television at home, they often have no idea the many forces at work behind their screens. We work with cable entities to bring network programming to consumers without a single interruption. The longer a network is down, the more money or exposure everyone loses. Our clients have come to expect a 99.999% success rate when it comes to their airtime.

When it comes to brand new installations, we leave the design of each new system to our engineering team. USSI Global goes to great lengths to ensure we understand what a client is looking for before sending out our field engineers. Once we have a solid idea of expectations, installation can be implemented. After installation, that same team will be responsible for the preventative and service maintenance.

What’s Ahead

USSI Global is notorious for being on the forefront of technology changes, and we are always looking for ways we can increase our relevancy to anyone looking for reliable broadcasting services. With the growing number of IP services available, we fully recognize the risks that broadcast technology may be a distant memory soon. As new and better solutions make themselves known on the market and our clients opt to embrace different forms of technology, we fully intend to keep our company flexible enough to move on with the times.