NOC Services Built for Customer Service

The USSI Global Network Operations Center (NOC) in Melbourne, FL, is open for business. All day, every day. 24/7/365.

With customers throughout the world, our team is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. We provide monitoring services for media companies, broadcasters, and cable networks, and even provide customer support for non-broadcast companies.

What level of support do you need? Our NOC offers three levels of service. Tier 1 customer service is considered the first level of “triage” for technical issues – and most support calls don’t need to go past this level. In our NOC, our test labs are equipped with the same gear our customers have installed on site, so our team of experts can literally provide step-by-step instructions for identifying and resolving common problems.

Uncommon issues are escalated to Tier 2 service. From here, we can remote access systems for more direct troubleshooting. We can also perform software downloads and upgrades, push customer content, and even work directly with integrators during installations.

Our Tier 3 service supports major USSI Global customers, and each major USSI Global customer has a dedicated subject matter expert for personalized support. It is packaged with other solutions offered within our company, and is designed to provide comprehensive support designed to address the unique needs of a company. Between all three tiers, our NOC can handle everything from minor problems to major technological meltdowns.

But the USSI Global NOC is about more than just monitoring. As part of a 5G upgrade program, for example, USSI Global rolled out new technology to hundreds of sites for one of our network customers. As part of the upgrade effort, the NOC team configured 30,000 integrated receiver decoders (IRDs).

Another specialization is outreach. USSI Global can gather information to help our clients make better business decisions. For example, our NOC recently collected data for a major multi-channel network by contacting thousands of cable headends. Whether you need technical support, equipment upgrades, or even data collection, the USSI Global NOC team is always at the ready. Find out more about broadcast and network technical support here or our service agreements and call center support here.