Proprietary Database Helps USSI Global Keep Warehouse Organized and Efficient

Currently, USSI Global is deploying more than 20,000 IRD satellite receivers to support the adoption of 5G. These receivers are being transported to different customers across the country. Every day, sales orders are filled and delivery trucks are loaded to ensure timely delivery. Meanwhile, USSI Global manages the storage, delivery, and installation of about 250 satellite antennas (requiring heavy mounts), which are significantly larger than satellite receivers. Plus, let’s not forget the steady flow of digital signage displays and other assorted components.

In other words, it’s a typical day at the USSI Global warehouses in Melbourne, FL.

How does USSI Global manage various inventories for customers? A key component of our warehouse efficiency is our proprietary database. When USSI Global welcomes a new customer, we begin tracking product lifecycles within the database.

There are multiple workstations within all the warehouses equipped with scanners that are integrated to USSI Global’s proprietary database. We establish part numbers that are unique to each specific customer, which help to identify who owns what inventory throughout our facilities worldwide. Then, we track parts from inventory to installation, repair to obsolescence (end-of-life).

USSI Global’s customer database includes data from as far back as the 1980s. “There are obviously address and personnel changes,” said Greg Palm, USSI Global Senior Vice President of Broadcast and Network Solutions, “but we keep a record of every part we’ve installed for clients by location. We track everything down to the serial number level.”

Obsessive? Maybe. But USSI Global offers 24/7 monitoring services for networks and their affiliates – and our proprietary system is so detailed that we can confirm component failures and order replacement parts sometimes even before our customers notice the failure themselves. For other customers, our detailed database helps to manage RMA (return merchandise authorization) processing for warranty service.

Of course, databases only take you so far. Warehousing is a hands-on process. At USSI Global, our database keeps us organized, but it is our people that make the difference.