Real Power: Do More with Your EV Charger

Your organization has decided to invest in an EV charger. Smart idea. Now what?

USSI Global can make sure you provide more than a charge. There’s a lot of potential power in information – we can turn your EV charger into an interactive kiosk with a profitable digital signage network.

“We provide that next tier of value add for EV charger networks,” explained Ted Korte, VP of USSI Global’s Programs and Innovation Lab. “You don’t have to settle for a glorified extension cord. Instead, you can create an interactive kiosk at your EV charger that provides targeted content to consumers.”

Your EV charger can be integrated into a more expansive signage effort with interactive kiosks to provide wayfinding and parking assist services across your campus, share news and public safety information, and promote specials and services. You can even monetize promotional opportunities, so your EV charger becomes a recurring revenue stream.

USSI Global has select partnerships with companies offering value added services to customize and maximize the potential of your digital content network. With our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings, we can manage (and even create) your content – plus, we can connect you with local broadcasters to help add local, timely content for your network. Meanwhile, our 24/7 Network Operations Center offers content management, service and support, and audience analytics to help better target your messaging.

Don’t worry, along with our charge point operator (CPO) partners, USSI Global can do the heavy lifting, too. From installation to maintenance and support, USSI Global can provide turnkey hardware services for property owners.

Installation, service, content design, network monitoring – with USSI Global, you can take your digital signage network to the next level. To learn more, email us at [email protected].