USSI at 35: Looking Back and Looking Forward

In 1985, our company was established to cater to the emerging VSAT (very-small-aperture terminal) business. VSAT is a two-way satellite system that became extremely popular when the U.S. government broke up AT&T. Fast forward to today – USSI Global has installed more than 100,000 VSAT systems, providing two-way communication for service industries throughout the world. In the process, we’ve built an installation and maintenance network that’s the most experienced in the broadcast television industry.

As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, USSI Global has grown well beyond our VSAT beginnings. We support the world’s digital transformation. Over the next decade, our Broadcast and Network Division will provide LEO ground station support for satellite-based internet. We’ll also stay busy during the next three years helping U.S. TV broadcasters with 5G/C-Band Interference Mitigation services while clearing the way for 5G. 

Our Digital Signage Division, which has completed more than 50,000 site installs since 1995, recently completed an update of outdoor digital menu boards for a major quick serve restaurant (QSR) chain. COVID-19 restrictions have increased the use of drive-thru service, and we expect to provide a record breaking number of drive-thru upgrades in 2021. 

Beyond our established digital signage business, we are looking ahead to service new opportunities, including EV chargers. An estimated 10 percent of cars in the United States will be electric by 2030, which will require more than 1 million charging stations to be added to current refueling infrastructures. We see an opportunity to integrate chargers with touchscreen kiosks to deliver advertising and other messages to consumers, similar to digital signage systems we have already deployed at convenience stores and restaurants.

Thank you for your support of USSI Global over these past 35 years. Please contact us to learn how we can help with your current – and future – technology needs.