USSI Global: An Employment Destination in Space Coast

When you go out to dinner, it’s not just about the food. From the atmosphere to the way you’re treated by the staff, it’s about the experience.

Your experience is also important at the workplace. Compensation may be at the top of your checklist, but there are other considerations when choosing a company where you want to build your career.

Beyond competitive salaries and benefits packages, USSI Global offers employees a great experience. It’s a positive work environment where work/life balance matters. Plus, a point of emphasis at the company HQ in Melbourne, Fla., is health and wellness. That’s why USSI Global hosts challenges and events throughout the year.

For example, earlier this year, USSI Global encouraged healthy eating with a catered meal made from ingredients that most people probably don’t eat on a regular basis. Josh Vorrasi, director of human resources for USSI Global, said the food was delicious, with a menu filled with healthy alternatives substituted for traditional favorites with limited nutrition.

During the Fall 2023 10,000-step challenge, USSI Global reported 25% employee participation. Plus, more than half of the participants committed to a higher goal of 15,000 steps per day. That’s a lot of people tracking their steps! The company made it easy, with participants able to track their steps via Fitbit, iPhone, and other devices. USSI Global also supported the Cigna Health Challenge, a six-week program that goes beyond steps, allowing participants to track other activities such as swimming.

“It may be all in good fun, but our employees take these challenges seriously and support each other,” Vorrasi said. “It’s nice to work in a place that encourages community, not just productivity.”

Speaking of community, outside its walls, USSI Global takes pride in maintaining an active role in its Space Coast home. A recent food drive collected large quantities of food for hungry families in the Melbourne area. Plus, its annual Brevard County Guardian ad Litem toy drive, collects and donates gifts for foster children in the area.

“We got incredible participation for our food drive earlier this year, and our gift-giving program is always a big success,” Vorrasi said. “It is very clear to our community that USSI Global has a heart. When you work here, you’re part of a team – and that team is an active part of the Melbourne community.”

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