USSI Global recently attended the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB Show East) trade show in NYC, sending executives from Operations and Sales to meet and network with a number of decision-makers seeking solutions for broadcast equipment and service. For an inside look at the highlights of the show, see what Greg Palm, VP of Broadcast & Network Services, and Bob Dunbar, VP & General Manager of Broadcast & Network Services, have to say about their experiences at the show.


The most compelling thing about NAB is its worldwide following from leaders of the broadcasting industry. The show broke its 2016 attendance numbers of 15,593 by co-locating the Audio Engineering Society (AES) New York 2017 into the same location as NAB. The Javits Center in NYC was able to accommodate the larger venue and provided an attractive location for attendees with a myriad of amenities within walking distance such as hotels and trendy restaurants.

While NAB East was technically considered independent of AES New York 2017, the two groups were able to co-mingle and share ideas over the two-day show. The attendees came from every corner of the globe. The vast majority of participants were authorized to make purchasing decisions for their companies. The opportunities for 2017 were undeniable, which made the stakes that much higher for USSI Global.

Opportunities for USSI Global

USSI Global is a company that can deliver the equipment broadcasters need to maintain their network or propel it forward to the next generation of technology — regardless of geographic location. From VSAT transmission to system relocations, our expertise has managed to attract broadcasters and media professionals from all over the world. Video and data become easier to manage and manipulate with the use of USSI Global’s products and services, and both VPs attended NAB to emphasize how USSI Global is not just a vendor but a partner. Equipment is sold to help clients improve their reach and expand their content. As a Cisco Channel partner, USSI Global does everything in its power to stay on the forefront of technology change, adapting technology to fit client and consumer expectations alike.

Ongoing Support

Both VPs were also at NAB to discuss the vast array of service options that are available to USSI Global customers. Going the extra mile when it comes to emergency outages or network delays is the USSI Global norm and not the exception. USSI Global has over 4,000 technicians to come to a client’s aid whenever an error or technical problem occurs. There are a number of different packages, including on-site repair and maintenance options, a company can choose the level of support that meets their individual need. For broadcasters who have to bring the news to their viewers as it unfolds, the attention from USSI Global during a crisis is invaluable. USSI Global hosted a lunch at Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse in NYC to cultivate conversations around customer’s needs and concerns and our solutions.

Talking It Through

The annual lunch has been such a benefit for existing and future customers of USSI Global, it is now a tradition to host lunch both days of the NAB show. Those who attend are either looking to find a reliable partner for their broadcasting and media goals or, they are already an established customer willing to explore additional services available to them.

An Array of Faces

With all the technology available today, there is still nothing better than having a face-to-face meeting with people. Not only is there a better chance at forging a real relationship with someone, but personal interaction cultivates open and clear communication. With all of the competition out there, the NAB show affords Ussi Global the chance to really engage with people on a different level.