USSI Global Field Engineers Offer Variety of Services and Support

John Ellison, Field Engineer for USSI Global, never knows what type of service ticket is waiting for him in his virtual office. Once he reviews his service tickets, he prioritizes his jobs and gets on the road.

“One day, you can be working on a VSAT remote terminal at a major department store, the next you can be performing maintenance on a digital radio antenna,” Ellison explained. “We offer quite a broad range of services, from emergency repairs to system-wide equipment upgrades and everything in between. As a field engineer, what makes my work so interesting is that there is no routine.”

For example, Ellison was recently part of a major broadcast network upgrade to HEVC H.265, an advanced video compression standard that is twice as efficient as H.264.  The standard also makes it easier to transport 4K and/or multicast signals. His project list included repositioning satellite dishes as well as installing new equipment racks. Another project for another network involved the replacement of existing integrated receiver/decoders (IRDs) with all-new satellite/IP streaming technology.

Satellite dishes are frequently on Ellison’s list, though the maintenance call is often a response to issues with the motor running the dish, not the dish itself. Many dishes can be adjusted to target different satellites, but steerable units need routine maintenance on motors, chain drives, and fittings. Weather can also play a factor – lightning strikes are among the most common problems associated with satellite dishes, but ice can also damage the equipment. USSI Global field engineers keep a supply of satellite dish parts at the ready, so they can quickly repair common problems.

It’s not all broadcast, either. Ellison is also part of USSI Global’s digital signage team. Studies have shown that digital menu boards save time in the drive-thru – plus, they make it easier to change products and prices through dynamic content updates. As more restaurants recognize the value of digital signage, they are upgrading their indoor and outdoor menu displays. With experts like Ellison, USSI Global offers a turnkey project management solution that covers everything from site surveys to installation.

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