USSI Global Logistics Delivers Piece of Mind

No matter what logistical challenge your company is facing, USSI Global has a solution to move your project forward, providing piece of mind through our excellent service. Here are just two ways USSI Global Logistics can help.

Need to get your new install up and running faster? USSI Global offers convenient site configuration kitting. We can prep and stage your new gear at our warehouses, then ship the complete solution to you. By kitting your new equipment, we minimize the time required on site.

For example, for your digital signage installation, we can pre-build the display, including the media player and its enclosure. We can also build equipment racks, test and configure all components, and ship the complete system. Once on site, we can remove the old rack and insert the pre-configured new rack, which can save considerable downtime for customers.

Need parts or service or storage? USSI Global has access to more than 350 locations in the continental United States, plus more than 2,000 locations globally. That square footage is available to any of our customers. We work with multiple global partners, so there’s always a place to stock your equipment.

We also handle repair services from our depot in Melbourne, FL. From digital menu boards to laptops and even consumer TVs, we’ve got the team to repair your screen. Plus, we offer customized onsite service level agreements (SLAs) to minimize any downtime.

USSI Global Logistics: We do our job so you can focus on yours. Find out more at