USSI Global Offers Faster Service for Samsung Electronics with Elevated SLAs

From digital menu boards at a quick serve restaurant (QSR) to dynamic displays at a high-end retailer, businesses use digital signage now more than ever. But when your business depends on your digital displays to share your menu or other important information with your customers, downtime can be disastrous.  Standard response times for service and repair will simply not meet the needs of your business.

Who has time to wait? USSI Global’s elevated service level agreements (SLAs) can significantly reduce downtime and help get your display operating again. An SLA from USSI Global guarantees a response time to address your display technical issues (not physical damage).

For example, Samsung and USSI Global offer two options to speed up response times on large format displays (LFDs). Fast Track ships a refurbished display by the next business day or next day (if USSI Global receives the request by 4:30 p.m. ET). Fast Track White Glove adds another level of service with on-site exchange, where our technicians will remove the defective unit and install a working unit within the same time frame. These replacements are permanent – the warranty is transferred to the replacement display’s serial number.

Samsung also offers LED walls, which are a different, more specialized HDR technology. Instead of monitors, LED walls consist of modules that are housed in cabinets. No longer considered an exclusively outdoor technology, LED walls have been installed in high-end retail stores because of their superb image quality and color matching.

While more expensive than LFDs, these LED walls offer a longer life span, concise color calibration, and easier on-site service. Unlike LFDs, however, LED walls are not mass manufactured, and units have to be shipped to service centers worldwide for repair. In fact, customers are required to purchase additional modules (called buffer stock) so the LED wall can continue to function while the defective module is being repaired. Through USSI Global, Samsung offers a choice of four different elevated SLAs – three day, next business day, next day, or same day – to meet your needs and your budget.

No matter what type of commercial venture you have, USSI Global’s elevated SLAs for Samsung Electronics help you get back to business as usual as quickly as possible. Contact us to find out more.