USSI Global, OneWeb Celebrate Global Logistics Partnership

Nearing its first anniversary, the agreement has led to
fulfillment centers and field resources across multiple continents

MELBOURNE, Florida, August 1, 2023 — USSI Global, a turnkey provider of customized network, broadcast and digital signage systems and services worldwide, today announced it is celebrating the first year of a global logistics partnership with OneWeb, the global low earth orbit (LEO) communications network. As part of its commitment, USSI Global manages a distributed network of fulfillment centers across the world, providing on-demand logistic support including export, inventory and RMA management for OneWeb User Terminals (UTs).

In March, USSI Global opened a new logistic center on its Melbourne campus, which is primarily used to support OneWeb. Expanding its footprint for the company, USSI Global has seven logistic centers over four continents, and continues to provide the largest group of trainers and field technicians to support UT installations.

“Our association with OneWeb started in 2019, when we began purchasing and assembling their satellite network portals or SNPs, plus outdoor, common equipment and WAN racks, as well as toolkits,” explained Anthony Morelli, COO, USSI Global. “Most recently, we finished construction of an SNP site in Costa Rica, which will enable high-speed broadband communications to schools, government facilities and other B2B infrastructure across the region. The opportunities in satellite telecommunications deployments are very exciting, and we’re thrilled to partner with OneWeb to help them deliver solutions across the world.”

“USSI Global is a significant and strategic partner for OneWeb,” said Purumedh Gupta, OneWeb VP & Chief Procurement Officer. “They continue to supply technical support for our global UT installations, while their global logistics solutions expansion provides support for our international efforts. We appreciate the value they bring to our customers and look forward to continuing to grow our partnership in our mission to facilitate connectivity for all.”

“We take great pride in our association with a company that is deeply dedicated to delivering fast and reliable broadband connectivity worldwide. Our alliance with OneWeb was formed approximately four years ago, and since then, we have witnessed remarkable growth together,” expressed David Christiano, CEO, USSI Global. “This partnership holds immense value on multiple fronts, and I am eagerly anticipating the exciting opportunities it will bring us in the future.”


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