USSI Global Year In Review: A Letter from CEO David Christiano

The transition from summer to fall means that businesses are executing on their Q4 plans, with the goal of closing the business year to positive results. As a company of year-on-year growth over its 38 years, the energy at USSI Global is palpable as signs point to 2023 becoming our most successful and profitable year to date.

The reasons are abundant, but they all connect to one common thread: exceptional customer relationships, fortified through thoughtful execution of multi-year business initiatives.

Let’s first look at our Broadcast division as an example. In 2020, USSI Global launched its C-Band Interference Mitigation service to help broadcasters and service providers transition to new satellite frequency assignments as the FCC cleared space for mobile operators. Three years later, USSI Global has helped customers like Intelsat, SES, and most major broadcast networks complete their transition ahead of the FCC’s Phase II accelerated deadline of December 5, 2023.

With most C-Band projects wrapped, USSI Global’s Broadcast division has set its sights on emerging business opportunities. This includes a lucrative new partnership with an emerging LEO satellite provider that brings reliable broadband service to rural and remote locations worldwide. Leveraging a network of low-orbit Earth (LEO) satellites, USSI Global is building out LEO ground stations and corresponding user terminals to enable high-speed connectivity for businesses, schools and municipalities in regions where broadband service is unreliable or unavailable. To date, USSI Global has established service to communities in Costa Rica, northern Alaska and northern Canada, with Saint Lucia among our next deployments.

With new business opportunities comes the need to plan and structure accordingly. One internal USSI Global initiative that bore fruit in 2023 is the improved collaboration between our three divisions. One needs to look no further than our LEO services, which brings our satellite and broadcast expertise close together with our warehousing and logistics operation. The latter, a core component of USSI Global’s Electronic Business and Consumer division, has been instrumental to the early success of our LEO network initiative. USSI Global this year opened several new warehouses in strategic locations to stock, build and ship equipment with optimal efficiency. With seven fulfillment centers now open in Asia, Europe and North America, USSI Global is well-positioned to manage regional logistics for more than 40 expected sites.

Elsewhere, our Broadcast and Electronic Business divisions are working closely with our Digital Signage division to bring new visual communications and revenue opportunities to consumer-facing businesses. Specifically, USSI Global is working closely with 14 of North America’s most recognized QSR brands for large-scale project management services. These household names have entrusted USSI Global to plan and build out drive-thru infrastructure, and/or supply and install dynamic digital menu boards across thousands of locations. As we enter Q4, our Broadcast and Digital Signage divisions are talking to customers about how ATSC 3.0 broadcast and digital signage networks can come together to enhance the delivery and presentation of visual content and advertising on EV chargers and other signage displays, and deliver news and alerts to local communities across more public and consumer platforms. Watch this space in 2024 for much more to come.

How does this all connect to exceptional customer relationships? Business growth and an embrace of emerging opportunities require a thoughtful structure to properly execute customer initiatives. We continue to add new talent to support internal growth and strengthen business relationships, including one of the largest and most experienced team of global field technicians. We continue to bring new and innovative managed services to our customers that offload monitoring, maintenance and other time-consuming responsibilities. And we continue to find new ways to improve lives for businesses and consumers through disaster recovery missions and an expansion of our proven capabilities into new businesses areas. That latter includes launching our own internet network service and capacity in underserved regions. Again, watch this space for more over the coming year.

As we forecast a record-setting business year exceeding $100 million in business revenue for the first time, USSI Global is more committed than ever to bringing our brand of customer service business acumen and technical expertise to the projects that bring more meaning to your communities. We are thankful for our relationships and the opportunity to develop news ones in 2024.