As technology focuses on building a better product, logistics is enhancing the supply chain—one method is extending the life of technology designed for repair and refurbishing without the loss of performance.

We have first-hand experience capturing warranty data, life cycles and the cost of replacement equipment capable of being re-programmed, repaired or refurbished. Our methods offer the latest technological advances for a longer product life. It may be the smartest business strategy for reinstating product value by upgrading outdated inventory, while sustaining customer satisfaction.

Our warehouse facilities are equipped to repair, test, clean, kit, and repackage your equipment for re-deployment. The depot repair & rework project market is thriving, as clients consider techniques to sustain products, customer satisfaction and the company’s bottom-line. One approach is using depot services beyond just storage and delivery.

Our ultimate goal is to improve how our clients do business through diverse services spanning advanced logistical methods. Here’s our solution for controlling costs, extending product quality and sustaining performance.


End users have consistently valued products with service options like warranties.Depot warehousing and distribution services have taken the concept one step further—offering logistics, installation, maintenance, repairs and upgrades in some situations, applying new technologies to existing equipment.

We identify pro-active solutions by analyzing the data of life cycles, inventories, scheduling routines, and study the conditions responsible for service interruptions. The goal is to recover quickly from the shortfalls associated with uncontrollable conditions, outdated or aging inventory, preserving the customer experience.

As experts in this industry, we monitor the challenges our clients face from day-to-day. The knowledge is incredibly valuable to us, leading to efficient operations—developing a higher level of service with reduced turnaround time.


Warehousing may not be the core part of your business, but inventory and delivery are still essential to your customer service. Fluctuating inventories happen due to—seasons—repair or replacement- discontinued items—new product introductions. By incorporating our team and proven methods into your business model, you can cut field uncertainties using our network warehouse locations.

Today, the interaction between our facilities and your organization are critical. The key to making the best use of our business for complementing yours— recognize your business strengths and our USSI logistics solutions–saves you money, time and unnecessary frustration. It starts with centralizing our warehouse services to your market demands with ideal distribution locations.

We have taken care of the internal and external factors affecting logistics, keeping our warehouses and distribution networks operating at peak no matter what challenges pop up. Regular evaluations help us streamline our functions balanced with your market demand.


More and more companies are choosing to refurbish, expanding depot services to include testing, replacement of defective parts or routine cleaning to improve function followed with repackaging. Based on business policies, this strategy of business is making better use of time.

Here, the policy is warranty, supporting in-warranty and out-of-warranty services. Warranty verification testing for diagnosing and documentation of why the part failed to operate according to the warranty guidelines. At some point, parts break or wear out needing repair or replacement. Our clients are taking advantage of depot services, time efficiencies and material costs, while they keep the business running and the customer happy.

Some parts have multiple warranties involved—an experienced depot is critical for relieving the burden of warranty management from the OEM. The objectives after part evaluations still exists—send the part to the OEM or fix it at the depot. Bottom-line the depot may be able to repair the part at minimal cost.


We ensure the parts are repackaged with the labeling and marketing per instruction. For the industry, generally the repackaging involves notices to distributors, end-users and intermediary authorities regarding safety, health and environmental protections.

This entire process is a purposeful business approach built into our depot processes to return the part back into the field for service or delivery to the customer.