Weather the Storm with USSI Global

Based in Melbourne, FL, USSI Global is very familiar with the potential devastation that comes with severe weather events. From blizzards to hurricanes, USSI Global is ready to help its customers when disaster strikes.

Greg Palm, senior vice president of broadcast and network solutions, recalled the company’s preparation and response to Hurricane Ian, which made landfall on Florida’s West Coast in late September 2022.

At the company level, USSI Global was prepared in case its campus wound up in the direct path of Hurricane Ian. The company maintains contingency plans to move personnel and technology to unaffected areas before a storm hits to minimize the impact of a storm to customer service. “It’s a matter of planning and communicating,” Palm said. “For our team, it’s about staying safe. And for our clients, it’s business as usual.”

Hurricane Ian was devastating for the Fort Myers area of southwest Florida, but USSI Global responded quickly to help. Within hours, crews began assessing the damage to almost 10 local broadcasters and network affiliates. Various locations needed to replace large antennas, which were damaged or even blown off completely from satellite dishes. Most satellite dishes survived the storm or only required minor repairs, but two in particular were ripped from their hinges by fierce winds and slammed to the ground.

Getting the tools needed to replace these major satellite dishes has not been easy, Palm admitted. After all, broadcasters were not the only businesses impacted by the storm. However, USSI Global is finding creative solutions to continue what Palm called the “three Rs” of recovery efforts: Repairs, Repointing of satellite dishes, and Replacing equipment where required.

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