Companies that rely on commercial digital media displays know that it is not as simple as it seems to buy or replace screens. There is a lot to keep track of when it comes to signage repair.  Many business owners simply do not have time to support the coordination of repair or warranty efforts. Providing USSI Global customers with digital signage repair and restoration service is an essential piece of any marketing initiative. From a special event that needs signage for an exhibit to a restaurant that has just lost the warranty on their signage, USSI Global can work to accommodate any need.

Finding the Right Tools

Everyone’s signage needs are different depending on their scope and audience. It is exceptionally easy to overspend on signs that only distract your customers with information they do not need. Signs are meant to wake your customers up and help them intuitively understand your brand. When it comes to these make-or-break decisions, USSI Global can make it easier to mitigate the consequences of common mistakes. Not only can we recommend the right displays to use for long-term use but, we can also help you decide where your signs will be most effective.

Advancements in Technology

If you are going to use digital signage, it is likely because you know your customers are sophisticated enough to appreciate what digital signage can do for them. Digital signs allow people to learn more about products and services at just a quick glance. Customers are subconsciously noting that a business using digital signage is one that is contemporary and informative. (As a side note, that message can be an especially successful long-term strategy for owners who cater to the sought after 18 to 34 demographic.) But a sign that looks old or has fuzzy resolution will send the very opposite message. If your customers have remarked about the quality of your digital signage, it may be time to update this tool to an LED screen with crystal-clear resolution.

Out-of-Warranty Displays

Displays that are no longer under warranty are subject to a number of potential problems, many of which may take longer and cost more to fix than you think. USSI Global can take care of your digital signage needs regardless of how long you have had your current technology. For example, we are a major purchaser for Buffalo Wild Wings, and one of the reasons they request new signage is because their warranty has lapsed. Digital signage may be used either indoors and/or outdoors and it is subject to a number of either man-made or natural threats. Without the right protection, multiple repair costs my far outrun doing the install right the first time.

Physical Damage

Your customers and employees are most certainly not perfect, and their imperfections can sometimes end up spelling danger for your digital signage. It is not unusual for a customer pulling up to a drive-thru to accidentally damage an expensive sign. And while it is not likely, customers may even get a little unruly in a space and end up destroying a screen or two. In the case of restaurants that serve alcohol, it is clear they need a plan when it comes to repairing their digital signage. USSI Global can purchase new signs for customers who routinely face these problems.  And, we can help figure out whether or not an upgrade is necessary to drive revenue.

Shipping Damage

Companies need an efficient way to repair and replace screens so they can continue to use their signage Damaged screen shipments can sometimes leave the customer with a damaged screen and no recourse for their claim. USSI Global mitigates these concerns by offering customers insured shipments and on-site repair.

Digital signage is not just an advertising fad to get your customer’s attention.  In an age where customers have infinite information at their fingertips, it is also a way to save time by increasing decision making efficiency. USSI Global works to correct the problem as quickly as possible, resulting in as little downtime as possible. Another reason why our customers keep coming back to USSI Global to take care of their digital media installation and service.