You’re Going to Need an EV Charging Station

As reported by Reuters, sales of electric vehicles jumped 83% in 2021. Those 434,879 EVs represented only 3% of the market, but those sales numbers will continue to rise as manufacturers expand the number of EV models and drivers make the choice to avoid the gas pump. In fact, according to Experian, almost 160,000 EVs were registered in Q1 2022, which was a 60% jump from Q1 2021.

Market share on EVs is only going to increase – but right now, EV charging stations are far from ubiquitous. EV owners are more likely to choose where they visit based on the availability of charging stations (popular apps like PlugShare and ChargePoint help them keep track of their options), so this is an opportunity to become an even more attractive destination for EV drivers. 

Level 2 charging is the ideal choice for most businesses. It is much more efficient than a Level 1 home charger, but doesn’t have the expense of a Level 3 charging station, which provides a rapid charge but costs significantly more. While a Level 1 charger may deliver four miles of driving range per hour of charge, a Level 2 charger can provide more than 30 miles per hour. Not a bad incentive for folks to stop in for some shopping or a meal. 

USSI Global’s “Xlean Media” network optimizes the size and quantity of chargers for your business. We can establish a digital signage environment to help draw traffic from the road to your parking lot. Plus, with our “hands-free” multi-tenant service, we can populate that signage with fresh content from local broadcasters – as well as community service, emergency messaging, and even advertising – to maximize engagement (and ROI). 

So yeah, you’re going to need an EV charging station. Whether it’s a perk for your employees or a way to attract customers, EV charging stations offer you a competitive advantage. And USSI Global provides turnkey project management to make your move to clean energy even easier. To learn more about our EV charging station options, email us at [email protected].