USSI Global has been proving the benefits of monthly service agreements for over 30 years. In order to understand how service agreements increase the value of your product or service, you have to recognize why these agreements exist.  The purpose of a monthly service agreement assures your services are functional 24/7 between you and your customer and their target audience. They are an integral part of the plan to mitigate disruptions in service. By adhering to a preventative maintenance schedule and making required adjustments throughout the product/service lifecycle, customers should avoid any foreseen technical issues.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements provide an exact cost for any recommended maintenance during the lifecycle of the product or service. Customers have several points to consider when engaging these services. First is identifying the lifecycle and recommended maintenance along with the roles of each party. The next factor includes addressing the elements of cost and potential possibilities that could disrupt service. Third, are the methods to control costs and improve or eliminate risks based on the certainty of technology and outside contingencies, such as market advancements.

The final item in the service agreement appraises the benefits of service throughout the term to prepare for future business. In the today’s competitive environment, customer service and satisfaction come down to performance. Think of the agreement as a business tool to improve productivity and reliability, capture new business, and forecast profits.

Preventative Maintenance

The main component of a service agreement is preventative maintenance. It not only extends the equipment’s life, it maintains a level of efficiency. Most of the time, when we think about efficiency, we think about cost savings and performance. We miss the fact that it is easier and more cost effective to maintain equipment, as opposed to, experiencing downtime and being forced to repair and replace a product.

When equipment breaks down due to wear and tear, service is interrupted and the product designed to enhance a business may be a detriment. Before this occurs, our monitoring team sends an alert to the customer to prevent potential disruptions. The predetermined monthly costs prevent service breaks of ongoing projects or new marketing campaigns. What is that worth to you?

Maintenance Services

Whether you are a new customer or have a long-term business relationship, USSI Global service agreements are built with priority and standards. Our commitment of consistent service helps our customer solve the known and treat the unexpected. Overall, the goal is to alleviate any damage, harm or inconvenience to your business and the customer.

We have grown in the industry, we are involved in the trends and changes – our own expertise and instinct provide a high level of skill and value to the service agreement. We know the duration of equipment and the potential weaknesses inherent in the industry. Wrapped in the monthly service agreement is this intangible asset for reliable services.

Expert Resources

Driven by results more than tasks, service agreements become a mutual pledge in building a  business relationship. At USSI Global, we share the responsibilities of achieving specific business goals for your company by making our team of experts and IT professionals available to help. Incidents happen—it is part of any business.

The fundamentals needed to grow your business include a monthly service agreement. As the pace of technology continues to ramp-up in preparation for the next phase of evolution, your business systems need to be equipped and operational. Our methods of managing your services are making it easier for your company to scale up or down with predictable monthly costs.


Under most circumstances, the final cost to the business without a service agreement is several times higher. Ultimately, poor performance affects the company’s financial position and its marketing identity with the consumer. Why not consider USSI Global as your service agreement partner?