A site survey can be one of the most crucial steps to a successful installation. It provides you a chance to assess any potential problems and allows the integrator and technician to resolve any issues prior to installation. USSI Global schedules site surveys worldwide to alleviate any concerns regarding system functionality or budgeting restraints.

Qualified Professionals

No matter what the project entails, the success of an installation comes down to the quality of the integrator and technician. USSI Global technicians are thoroughly vetted prior to dispatch to ensure they possess the required network experience to provide a site survey that is comprehensive and accurate. Our technicians will have proven experience installing, servicing, and maintaining similar equipment for USSI Global.

Although an experienced technician should be an assumption, we have encountered customers that have had a negative experience with other technology companies who send technicians that do not have the necessary credentials to uncover and mitigate obstacles to promote a successful outcome. This is why USSI Global excels.  We have a dedicated team of specialists who have an in-depth understanding of each individual client’s needs. They take into account everything from local regulations to potential interference to formulate a comprehensive analysis of uncertainties surrounding a project.

Customized Solutions

Each site has its own intricacies and obstacles when it comes to installing equipment.  Site surveys allow clients access to all of the facts prior to making final decisions. USSI Global will make recommendations based on the site survey findings. We will outline the potential roadblocks and pitfalls and provide details to either rectify or circumvent the problem. Our all-inclusive analysis will provide you with everything you need to know.

A site survey provides clients with a chance to streamline their project timeline. While it is true that a problematic survey report will pose a threat to a schedule, it will be far worse if the client and technician uncover the issues during the installation.

USSI Global is committed to exposing all setbacks to allow time to formulate strategic resolutions. We cannot predict every event that may occur, but our technicians have the skillset to find the fastest path from where you are to where you want to be.