In an industry where technology is constantly evolving, our team at USSI Global works hard to guarantee that we have a top notch staff who reflects the innovative work we do. We are very pleased to announce that our world class staff has expanded and welcomed a particularly valuable addition.

With over 20 years of experience in the business world, Chris Northrup has joined the USSI Global team as Vice President of Digital Media and Networking Strategies. His role in the company will focus on introducing customers to USSI Global and developing new strategies to generate new and unique lines of business. In addition to greatly expanding the number and variety of customers, Chris hopes to grow the sales team as well.

Chris joins us from New Hartford, New York, where his previous positions with several large installation companies gave him the industry experience and knowledge that makes him such a great fit for the position of Vice President of Digital Media and Networking Strategies. We believe Chris will be able to grow USSI in new areas of business using his extensive marketing and business background, which surprisingly, has a lot to do with cows.

Born and raised in upstate New York, Chris attended Cornell University where he majored in business and focused on agribusiness. He then followed in his family’s footsteps and pursued what turned out to be a very successful career in dairy farming. He comes from a long line of New York dairy farmers who showed him just how profitable the business can be. After college, he worked for several large dairy farms after college for a few years before taking the plunge, writing an innovative business plan, and starting a dairy farm of his very own.

Chris’ farm began with 125 cows, all inputs were purchased, and a great deal of energy and determination to do all of the dirty work himself. Within 2 years, the farm expanded to over 200 cows, and within 4 years, his small farm had grown to over 400 cows. The farm crawled up to the top 5% of producers in the state and by that point, Chris sold the booming business and moved back upstate.

After working in banking for a few years, Chris went to work for a large POS company as the Vendor Manager in the installation department. This was his big start in the technology business and he has not looked back since.

Despite his successful career in the field, Chris’ passions do not start and end with work. He puts spending time with his wife, Shelly, and three children, Samuel, Abigail, and Ella, at the top of his list. He also describes himself as a “DIY person,” having remodeled their entire house from one end to the other doing all carpentry, electrical, and finish work entirely himself. His DIY hobbies follow him outside of his home as well, starting with his own landscaping and ending somewhere around the patio and pergola he built to enjoy with his family in the summer.

We are excited for all that Chris has to look forward to in the technology business and believe that his leadership and positive outlook will be an excellent addition to the company. Chris’ core values are integrity, work ethic, and loyalty; which we think complement USSI’s values of quality, reliability, responsiveness, and flexibility quite well.

Chris’ personal motto is “Git r’ done,” and we look forward to having a front row seat to see all that he will get done using his contagious ambition and successful experience. He also claims to rock out to the song, “More Than a Feeling” by Boston every time he hears it, and we want to see that too.