The long wait is finally over! After weeks of anticipation for this year’s Consumer Technology Association Conference, we are happy to say, CES was a huge success!

USSI Global sent two of our team members to the CES 2018 Conference to review the latest and greatest consumer-technology products. There was an incredible array of anything you could ever imagine, from gaming tech to digital health to information about smart cities. Admittedly, it was hard to take in all of the incredible information, after all—technology sits still for no one. Despite the random power outage that occurred in the main hall (which certainly made things a little more interesting), and the strange occurrence of two days of solid rain in the desert, the end result of this conference set the stage for an exciting future in the consumer-technology industries.

Here’s a brief look back at our time at CES 2018:

Who Represented USSI Global

This year, we sent two of our seasoned team members to represent the USSI Global brand.

David Christiano – CEO & President

Of course, David was an obvious choice. Given he is the CEO & President of USSI Global, it only made sense for David to attend the event. For our team, it was not just about sending a figurehead, we wanted our clients to learn who we are straight from the source. David’s phenomenal career with USSI Global has spanned over 30 years, and he proudly represents everything we do as an organization.

David not only specializes in building relationships, but he is great at what he does in every aspect of management, leadership, and everything related to the technology industry.

Steve Hathcock – Director of Business Development

With over 11 years at USSI Global, and more than 30 years in the technology industry, Steve was a great choice for representation at the CES 2018 Conference. Steve brings plenty of charisma and knowledge to our sales team, allowing us to build business alliances in this dynamic industry.

What We Did at CES 2018

We sought out to learn from the best. Although we did not have time to stop in on talks given by keynote speakers, that does not mean we were not busy. We spent our time meeting with current and potential clients.

We wanted to know:


Thanks to CES 2018, we were able to meet with many current and potential clients at one large event. We all had one goal in mind: to better our businesses by leveraging relationships that can boost us forward in the coming months and years.

We wined and dined a bit, featuring ourselves at breakfast with a potential client and partaking in an incredible dinner with an existing client. In the end, we built new relationships while solidifying existing ones, and that is what business is all about.

What We Discovered at CES 2018

The future is here with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics. The things we used to see in sci-fi films and futuristic shows is here today. It is incumbent upon us— as leaders in this field of technological science— to do right by the tools we are given and enhance the age we are living in by empowering businesses and consumers alike.

This was an exciting show, and it was filled with many movers and shakers who can truly turn things upside down. We invite you to stay tuned through the coming months, as we unfold what we have learned and unleash it into the real world.

USSI Global is all about technology. Our goal is to not only stay current with today’s ever-changing advances — but to stay ahead of the competition. In doing so, we are helping our clients stand out above the rest. If you are ready to work with a team of professionals that has over 30 years in the network, broadcast, and digital media industry, this is your time! Get in touch with USSI Global today!