Digital menu boards are popping up all over the country, and not just in the big cities. If you are a restaurant owner or franchiser with traditional signage, you may be wondering if the investment is worth it. Customers already stare at screens all day every day. Would they take the time to read from another screen? There are real, measurable effects of these digital boards that justify their cost many times over. Continue reading to see how they offer more flexibility, and why customers are likely to spend more money when you have them.

Price Points

If budget is a concern, you should know that about 70% of restaurants recoup their costs in less than 18 months. Sales typically increase by between 3 and 8% when you add digital boards to your advertising strategy, mainly because it’s easier for customers to see what you offer. While individual results vary, this is a driving reason why more and more restaurant owners are making the switch.

Menu boards allow you to advertise your main menu items. They are proven to entice customers to try a new addition or upgrade to a combo. Digital boards also cuts down on the amount of money you spend on regular menu boards, which have to be constantly swapped out with every new menu change. They also allow you to show more to your customers if space is a concern. While you never want to overload your customers with too much information, you can typically feature more promotions and specials Compared to regular menu boards.

Time Savers

It takes time to change out menus — especially if you serve different meals at different times of the day. Digital menus can be automatically updated as soon as you switch over from breakfast to lunch, and they eliminate the need to reprint menus when prices increase or you need to adjust the calorie count. They can even save your customers time because they create more transparency into exactly what they are getting. Digitizing boards will increase efficiencies because customers can verify their order on the screen before they pull up to the window or take their seats in the restaurant. Avoiding miscommunication and increasing accuracy will give customers a smarter and friendlier dining experience.

Entertaining and Educational

Signs do more than just give people something to look at. They can make customers laugh, consider new ideas, or help them learn something about your business. The beauty of digital signs is that you can make them your own, and you can create your own message to your customers. You can digital signs to show forecasts or inclement weather updates, important local news information, or help train new workers. Digital sign messages are more memorable than just reading from a static message.

Other Advantages

Digital signs are excellent if you are hoping to establish or strengthen your brand. Ask yourself what you want to stand for, and then create signs that match your vision. Whether it is picture-perfect renditions of your most popular food items or a message to customers about how you are committed to environmental sustainability, digital signage give customers a more intimate look  at your particular location or business.

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