A restaurant who replaces their traditional outdoor menu board with a digital one can expect to add up to 8% to their sales, a number that has not been taken lightly by business owners. About 70% of restaurants make back the money they spend on an outdoor digital menu board in less than 18 months! There are so many restaurants around the country, and the technology trends are clear in the fast and casual food sector. Outdoor digital menu boards are in and traditional menu boards are out.

Not only do digital menu boards give owners more flexibility when it comes to how they advertise and what products they choose to promote, they also help customers get accurate, easy-to-view information so they can make better choices. USSI Global is at the precipice of this growth, and we are looking to supplement our team with additional professional resources. Learn more about the explosion of these menu boards, and how you can be a part of the profits.

Change on the Horizon

USSI Global has many contractors and partners around the world, but we need to increase the resources to keep up with the increasing demand for menu boards. In just the last few months, we have been approved to do several major projects at more than 2,000 locations.  Plus, there is no sign that these projects are going to slow down in the near future. We have many plans in the works right now, and we have to be prepared. See who we are looking for to round out our team!

Ground Rules

All of our applicants must have a proven track record of experience when it comes to their line of work, and they must be fully insured to join our contractor team. We know delivering the best possible product means delivering the best possible team. We only succeed when we have an eye on both present and future changes. Like any technology, warranties will expire, damages will occur, and new technology advancements will replace their outdated counterparts. We need our contract team to keep up with the changes and the continued demand.

Concrete Contractors

The first step to replacing a traditional menu board is safely removing the traditional menu board and prep the area for its digital replacement. We need contractors who have both the experience and the equipment to remove and replace the existing foundation. They will need to have all of the tools necessary to complete the job on hand. All of our contractors must have the flexibility to move from place-to-place and the necessary insurance to work in multiple locations.

Electrician Contractors

All electricians will need to be fully licensed and insured to work for us. While we would appreciate prior experience and training with Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR), it is not required. Electricians will need to have the equipment and tools to install circuits in a commercial environment.

Data Technician Contractors

USSI Global is looking for technicians who have a data networking background. They will be responsible for assisting with the installation of the outdoor digital menu board and ensuring the content is playing. All data technicians will need to supply their own data testers, cable crimpers, and an 8’ ladder.

Sign Installation Contractors

A sign installation partner will need to be able to complete the majority of the tasks above. They will need to have either a lift or a crane to facilitate the placement of the outdoor menu board. As with our other requirements, we are looking for partners with proven experience in their field.

If you are looking for a company that is on the rise, consider working with USSI Global. Our business depends on choosing those with the skills and experience needed to catapult us into the future. We welcome contractors and partners who share our values, and who want to be a part of the continued growth of the industry. Click to complete our service provider application.