The USSI Global call center is operating at the speed of technology, as managed service demands increase for remote networks and systems. One major development in this industry is the expansion of support services for internal projects and new business initiatives, most likely due the pace of changing technology and market growth.

Managing our call centers are multi-skilled personnel accustomed to dealing with pressure and the urgency of rapid response. Our multi-lingual operators are experienced in VSAT, digital media, and broadcast support.  We offer technical support for routine maintenance, special short-term projects, and seasonal issues. Our focus is on preventing any downtime for satellite, broadcast networks and digital media.

We have redefined the management of our call center to fit the steady growth in technology and channel industries. Our business strategy delivers a positive experience to each of our business customers requesting help with transponder access; traffic management, network operations, equipment testing, remote monitoring of switching, and event scheduling.

Our company is state-of-art with a call center designed to work for large-scale companies and specialized technical organizations. We tailor our services to match the business values of the client because we are an extension of our clients.


Tracking client calls and following through on restoral involves networking with the warehouse facilities where repair, testing, cleaning and repackaging of a client’s property take place for distribution or field placement. We take our business seriously, using quality control to retain the accuracy and on time dispatching from our global warehousing and distribution centers.

The challenge is more than just the restoral; it’s providing the level of service users have come to expect as we move forward in a competitive culture. Scheduling same day delivery of critical spare parts, coordinating return parts based on client and vendor authorizations or tracking shipping serial numbers remotely are vital.

Remote clients depend on us to manage the moving parts of their business. It allows them to conduct commerce and transactions with greater efficiency. Our organizational skills and technical capabilities offer our clients confidence of work order completion without interference in their business operations.

Business Service Access

USSI Global has simplified the handling of remote service access, customizing our solution to fit  specific demands. The benefit is a better use of valuable time and faster access to remote personnel monitoring procedures for disaster recovery or equipment failure. Our ability to maintain effective delivery in a nonstop working environment is essential to optimizing network resources and potential performance issues for our clients.

Consumer trends are driven by the advancement of products like smartphones, tablets, and operating on 24/7 schedules. Broadcast organizations looking to advance network performance use deployable integrated receiver and decoders (IRD) to enhance connectivity across all transmission mediums. Our responsibility is remote monitoring and delivering the part to sustain transmission and avoid interference between the incoming and the outgoing signals.

By unifying our clients objectives with our business practices, we have created an effective virtual call center environment ready to adapt and support an array of companies anywhere in the world.

Secured Data Management

Call centers allow for real time interaction and online collaboration between USSI Global and our clients. The technical connectivity remains the first course of response for ensuring the success of our service program performance.

Customizing our call center for end users allow access to contact information, scheduling and dispatch confirmations along with current inventory information for management. We are experts in this phase of business and take steps to determine the time necessary for recovery or temporary contingencies for full recovery so you can make solid business decisions.

Today’s business continuity requires planning, metrics, reporting, and ensuring the business functions operate with or without incident..


Technology will continue to evolve.  USSI Global is here to adapt and integrate new advances to keep you and your customer network performing at optimal speed and reliability.