“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…” – Sun Tzu


Logistics is more than delivery.

USSI Global joins our customers and supply chain partners to improve efficiency and customer service while decreasing cost.  We offer a comprehensive supply chain solution that is focused on the growth and satisfaction of our customers.

With over 30 years of experience USSI Global offers customers more than delivery of product.  Our proprietary customer website offers real time graphics and displays outlining where product is, when it is going to get there, but, most importantly, what supply chain issues may be on the horizon.  With this proactive approach, USSI Global works hand and hand with our customers to ensure all milestones are met.

Greg Palm, USSI Global, Vice President of Broadcast & Network Services says, “Because of the intricacies of today’s networks, customer’s frequently order the wrong part. At USSI Global, our logistics team is a check and balance. We work to ensure our customer has the right part, on time.”

How do we deliver?

It starts with good management.  Inventory tracking systems, web sites, pie charts and graphs are tools.  Who is powering them is what makes the difference.  Our employees have an average tenure of over 15 years.  Our supply chain partners are recognized and awarded for customer service by organizations such as SupplyChainBrain. Each partners is vetted and tested by our proved ISO practices and evaluated regularly.  

Experience saves money and time.  We have the ability to diagnose and correct an issue before it becomes a problem or delay for our customer.  

“The cycle of the parts consists of parts on-the-shelf, on a truck, installed at a site, on the way back, or getting repaired at a shop.  But people make it happen.  USSI Global people make it happen consistently and efficiently.” Greg Palm

Trusted Advice Based on Working Solutions

Our reputation is built on more than juggling the ongoing day-to-day fluctuations, reliability, and consistency. We have learned to maximize technology advances to stay in front of market demands. Our success comes from a complete solution of the most reputable supply chain partners and unifying that with USSI Global’s ability to integrate technology and delivery.

Our clients see our role as a critical factor in achieving their goals. We take that responsibility very seriously.  USSI Global has amassed the employees, partners, tools and history of successful projects to ensure our customer’s expectations are met and exceeded.

“It is more than product delivery.  It is more than online tools.  To successfully complete a difficult project or demanding milestones, you need an expert to bring it all to you in one solution.  USSI Global provides each customers with a unique hybrid of reliable delivery partners, clear, transparent online tools for visibility, and experienced employees who can answer your questions.”Greg Palm