Waldo famously liked to hop around a lot in his books, showing up in various crowds all over the world. He enjoyed exploring and learning more about the people around him. In a way, he is a lot like USSI Global’s Field Engineer John Wavra. See where Wavra’s work takes him, and why he would not trade it for anything in the world.

Impending Trips

John Wavra is scheduled to go to Austin, TX and NYC this month. In Austin, he will be serving as lead technician for a quick-serve restaurant installing outdoor digital menu boards. Not only will he be assisting with the actual digital menu boards, he will also be setting up the headset for the drive-thru and testing the timer system to ensure there are no delays in processing. When he gets to the Big Apple, he will be installing a 2×2 video wall using 55” displays for a trade show in the Manhattan Convention Center. The  2×2 video wall will attract attendees into the booth courtesy of Wavra.

On the Horizon

Wavra may also be going to Louisville Kentucky to serve as a lead technician at another casual restaurant. He will be assisting on the pilot project of a three-screen indoor menu board. All his work, including documentation and instructions, will be overseen by the corporate management of the restaurant. Similarly, he may travel to Ohio to assist on another pilot project for outdoor digital menu boards. For this installation process, his strategy will be documented and provided to local technicians for training as well as completing client-specific installation guides.

Seeing the Country

Wavra loves his job because he gets to explore new places and meet interesting people who share his love for technology and efficiency. A Field Engineer like Wavra is never going to be comfortable sitting behind a desk all day facing administrative tasks. His position gives him a chance to solve new puzzles in worldwide locations with the help of new teams, which is immensely gratifying at the end of the day. He also enjoys training local technicians. Being on-site gives him the individual time he needs with technicians to impart the standards of USSI Global, so he can be assured of quality control when he is no longer on-site overseeing projects.

Helping Clients

Clients benefit from Wavra’s expertise. A Statement of Work (SOW) or concept design provided by the client may have been created with the best of intentions, but it may bear little resemblance to the reality of the actual install. Wavra has the chance to give expert advice to USSI Global’s clients so they get optimal installation results. After the process is documented, it can be used to ensure project consistency across all applications (either national or global.)

Unique Services

Wavra has the chance to simultaneously install, document, and train while on-site, which encourages efficiency across the board. The webinars, guides, and formal training that stem from his on-site visits can save clients both time and money (both at the time of installation and for future projects.) USSI Global encourages diversity in our team, so they can use their array of experience to adapt to any given situation. Wavra has seen how his efforts make USSI Global the go-to solution for installation and service projects.

Common Misconceptions

Traveling for a job is not exactly glamorous, despite what anyone may think. It is 18-hour days on-site, long security checkpoints, and jet lag. But it is also exciting to be in the driver seat of how clients handle their digital communication. The benefits of the job are the ability to share his experience and talents with local technicians and to refine his problem-solving skills. Wavra cannot put a price on what it feels like to defy everyone’s expectations by making our client’s vision a reality.

USSI Global wants our employees to have a well-rounded career, and we encourage all of our partners to use their skills to the fullest. If you are interested in a career with our company where you can travel like Wavra, you might be pleased to hear that we are looking for quality talent to keep up with our growing demand!