The last week of March our USSI Global team had the privilege of attending the Digital Signage Expo (DSE) in Las Vegas. This show was a fantastic opportunity for USSI Global to display our commitment to the industry through our content delivery and monitoring, digital media, network services as well as the quality of what we provide.  Not only were we able to engage with potential customers, but we also had the chance to network with peers and fellow industry leaders with whom we have forged excellent relationships over the years. We were able to market our ability to revolutionize their business with our products and services.  

DSE is the world’s largest trade show of digital display and interactive technologies with the purpose of showcasing the latest and greatest innovative digital display and interactive technology solutions.  It has received the Top 250 Trade Show award by the Trade Show News Network.

What makes the DSE so incredibly innovative are the unique features within the overall trade show itself.  Those include a Digital Content Show in which content providers present their services to end-users by means of an on-floor presentation theater with 8 exhibitor led workshops. There is also a self-service show, which displays exactly how the self-service products are designed to perform. With technology heading in the direction of self-service kiosks, tables, and freestanding interactive displays, it is all the more important to have a designated area at trade shows for these products to be showcased and experienced.    

According to the Digital Signage Expo staff, displaying an exhibit provides companies the opportunity to gain critical exposure, interact face-to-face with key prospects, demonstrate amazing products and technology, and connect with fellow industry “heavyweights.” The USSI Global exhibit was a compilation of our services that gave viewers the chance to see how our network services can resolve and simplify communication issues through the use of high quality digital displays.

Last year, DSE had a total of 5,665 attendees of which 786 attendees were from foreign countries.   That was a significant increase from 2015 and this year the show expected an even larger crowd and was not disappointed.  “DSE 2017 was our 14th and largest exhibition to date, and we were excited to welcome, and welcome back, a record number of attendees from around the world,” said Andrea Varrone, the Digital Signage Expo’s Show Director.

There were over 200 exhibitors in attendance along with our USSI Global team, all with fantastic reputations for services in the display and network industry. The Digital Signage Expo welcomed amazing companies, having experience in every category that contributes to creating beautiful digital displays.

There were also a number of well-known keynote speakers who gave their insight on the industry and technology innovations. These included Jose Avalos of Intel, Katy Campo of Allegiant Air, Greg Chambers of Coca-Cola, Rick Cook of McDonalds, Michael Dwyer of Subway, Ann Dykman of American Express, and Steve Holland of 7-Eleven.

This amazing event also included a networking opportunity called Huddle which took place on the well-known ship, the Queen Mary. Nearly 100 people attended this networking event which was sponsored by Adaptive Technologies Group, Brightsign, Elo Touch Solutions, Premier Mounts, and RP Visual Solutions. It included a tour of the ship as well as a beautiful reception, all with a gorgeous view of the city and surrounding water.

USSI Global was a platinum sponsor for the Peerless-AV Event at DSE.  The event was a carnival-themed party at Drai’s nightclub on Wednesday March 29, 2017, from 9 p.m. until midnight.  With over 700 people in attendance, USSI Global was able to continue networking with current, as well as potential, customers.  

The Digital Signage Expo was yet another wonderful opportunity for USSI Global to share inspiration and innovation with other companies having similar visions, and also to market our business to potential new customers.  Our goal is to help others improve their own companies with our expertise and excellence in installation, service, and maintenance.