USSI Global is an administrative and IT partner.  We manage and integrate several software platforms via the web.  No matter which software platform is used, external links streamline the flow of data, working with web or customer portals to connect data and companies faster. Our mission is to help our customers transform and expand their business.

Web Services

The demand for efficient data integration business is the focal point for web services. The need to connect faster is a competitive edge for keeping up with changing IT markets. Representational State Transfer (REST) is a software architecture engaging application programming interface (API).

The term RESTful is used by web services utilizing this architecture. The architectural paradigm uses data and functionality resources to access web data, not a web page. Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) identify the resources. Clients and servers exchange the data as part of a defined function interface. In this case, it is a secured HTTP protocol, simplifying and expediting the process.

One characteristic of RESTful is browser compatibility. Data is marked as cacheable – meaning it can be reused by the browser without initiating a request to the server again. It is a time saver benefit to optimize the web. The architecture sends a request to the web server executing one of the four operation commands (verbs) directed to the targeted resource. The responding data circles back through the web server to its originating point.

Call Center

Call centers are vital to the retention and growth of eCommerce business. If your company is looking to expand locally or globally, outsourced call centers offer opportunities to enhance your business structure. The key is using the center’s expertise to expand into another segment of business while sustaining the current market. Outsourcing is part of a successful business value equation – adding speedy response, ongoing updates and consistent quality performance.

As organizations grow, it is impossible to control every aspect of the business. Call centers are set up to handle multiple calls and tasks to triage an issue before it turns into a catastrophe. Our Technical Operations Center (TOC) staff are an extension of your business — trained and equipped to monitor and report any data you may need.

Whether your company needs to update a business model, help with implementing technical innovations or re-engineering — outsourcing may be the cost-effective solution for you. USSI Global’s call center is built to support customer branded web portals or L3 (Logistics Integrated Support) services. In all situations, we find our services add a layer of possibilities, improving how most businesses connect with their market segments. More important, we offer customers a trained support staff with the necessary infrastructure to support your product or service.

While clients focus on core competencies driven by revenue processes, USSI Global’s team support the effort with expertise in technology and service. Added value benefits include secured web access, industry-defined best practices, and processes that are uniform and tested through our ISO registration.


USSI Global has the ability to minimize and manage the inherent risk and pain associated with growth and transition.  As a business partner, our supplemental workforce will become an integral ingredient in your expansion or contraction plans. USSI offers the talent, experience, and framework to support your company as you expand into that next market segment or product line.