USSI Global is excited to continue to see rapid advances in digital signage technology.

Visually engaging digital signs and menus, which are able to be instantly altered to reflect changes in inventory and pricing, are a great investment for various businesses.

USSI Global has already gained enormous experience in the design and installation of digital signage systems for companies operating in such industries as retail, restaurant, finance, education, and more.

The Digital Signage Expo (DSE) 2018

As part of our initiative to be at the forefront of advances in digital signage, six members of our leadership team, including company President, David Christiano and Directors Steve Hathcock and Abed Zein, recently attended the industry’s flagship Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The theme of this year’s DSE was “Find Your How.” More than 100 expert speakers gave presentations at 75 seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Some 200 exhibitors were also present to display the latest software, networking, and media technologies which are heralding dramatic developments in the digital signage world.

The DSE event is attended by professionals from a variety of industries including retail, education, hospitality, catering, transportation, healthcare and many others. All are driven by an urgent desire to find ways digital signage technology changes may affect their businesses and market sectors.

Showcasing USSI Global’s Digital Expertise

For USSI, the show is a great opportunity to view the latest innovations in this fast-changing space and showcase our own expertise in the fields of digital signage and interactive technologies.

We also welcome the chance to meet some of our existing and potential customers and discuss opportunities with them face to face.

USSI Global’s DSE Presentation

As part of our attendance at DSE 2018, USSI Vice President, Chris Northrup, spoke at a seminar on the benefits of outdoor digital menu boards.

Chris explained the benefits of converting to outdoor digital menu boards at drive-thru restaurants. The new boards allow for immediate changes to product offerings and promotions as well as increased scope for imaginative marketing and more efficient customer service.

He also demonstrated that although there may be potential issues with local regulations, permits and contractors, these can be overcome with the right program management and oversight.

For the right business, an expertly designed and installed outdoor digital menu board can provide a significant boost to its bottom line, and will quickly repay the initial investment.

Chris’ seminar and other events at DSE 2018 were a great opportunity for USSI Global to explain the applicability of these new technologies to businesses who were previously unaware of them.

But Vegas being Vegas, there was time for some fun as well.

On the Wednesday night of DSE week, USSI Global co-hosted a Great Gatsby themed night at Drai’s nightclub on the Strip. A convincing Leonardo Di Caprio lookalike mingled with guests throughout the evening, and the relaxed atmosphere facilitated a useful informal sharing of ideas.

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