Where’s Waldo John Ellison?

USSI Global had an opportunity to talk with John Ellison, Field Engineer (FE), about maintaining sites and managing large project deployments. He is not your traditional field engineer. On any given day, you can find him scaling the tallest rooftops in the country or inspecting, troubleshooting and upgrading digital communication equipment.

Operating behind the scene, Ellison’s extensive knowledge and experience encompasses everything from the business aspect to installing leading-edge communication equipment. Working with USSI Global, a global leader in network maintenance, transmitting video, audio, and data communications – Ellison is always familiar with the most up-to-date technology.

  • Hard drives and backhaul racks
  • Dishes and interconnecting cables
  • Rack builds and installation for broadcast networks
  • Multiple repeaters
  • Displays and media players
Diversity in Communications

The rise of digital channels has streamlined the fast-moving world of media. Super-challenged with the increasing power of technology, corporations seek to reach millions of consumers directly. Our clients are riding the wave with more opportunity than ever before.

Personally, Ellison finds each of these projects as diverse as their location. “It’s not a 9 to 5 job – it’s about getting the job done right.” He knows all too well the travel and job requirements call for early mornings and late nights.

All in all, a well-honed schedule helps to keep the team on track. It is no easy task to create the right synergy among teams – Ellison’s been successful. Team members are happy, engaged and productive. Identifying things that need improvement and addressing the issues before they become troublesome.

Keeping Up with Technology

It is a tough job, and there is no doubt our clients benefit from site visits. “One day we could be working on circuit board replacements and the next, we are wrenching steel and crane work installing rooftop antennas.”

According to Ellison a distinguishing feature of our team is transparency. Each member is updated on the changes that happen on-site, making sure there are no surprises. It keeps the systems working, helps our clients to stay ahead of the competition, and allows us to create a balanced work schedule as new projects come along.

The simple truth – technology is changing the world, and the introduction of more advanced levels of digital transformations have only just begun. The major players and the new competitors understand Ellison’s expertise correlates to market demands. He is familiar with frequent technological changes and recognizes the need for the next generation of updates.

Most of us look forward to the changes and welcome the development of innovation. Regardless of the city or region, network communications and media connectivity have created savvy and discriminating users. They want information, and they want it in real-time. Ellison and USSI Global have raised the bar for customer service. Organizations interacting with the public have to adapt quickly or deal with a dissatisfied client.

“I try to stay abreast of the current trends in multiple areas of technology.” Ellison’s commitment to quality and e-commerce trade is why he holds several industry certifications. Keeping up with the digital technological transformations sets USSI Global apart from the competition’s field team.

  • COMPTIA Network +
  • Security +
  • Project Management +
  • Cisco CCENT
  • Windows 7
  • Certified Technology Specialist (CTS)
  • Windows Server 2012
Where Are You Traveling to This Month?

Organizations have decided to work with a partner on their technology strategies – it is proven to be more effective says Ellison. This month I’m traveling in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois. I will be visiting Grand Rapids, Cadillac, Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Detroit and the suburbs. You can look for me in Youngstown, Toledo, and Columbus, Ohio. Continuing on my journey to Fort Wayne, and Kokomo, Indiana. I have a quick run to Bloomington, Illinois scheduled. I will be driving an all-terrain forklift, taking delivery of three 4.5meter satellite dishes for an upcoming project, in place of the principle FE, who is in Colorado.


As digital transformations occur, and market demands grow, do not be surprised to see Ellison on the rooftop in your city. At USSI Global, we are modernizing industry models and updating interaction with consumers through technology